Image plane (photography)

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Basic technical sketch of a camera
A - tripod attachment
B - optical bench / walking floor
C - optical bench - standard holder
D - film standard
E - focusing screen / film cassette
F - bellows
G - lens standard with circuit board and lens (gray)
H - image plane / film plane
I - aperture position

As a picture plane is referred to in the photograph area in the image space of the optical system of a camera , in which, by setting the distance on the lens , a sharp image of the focal plane located object is to occur. In fact, only objects that are within the object distance in front of the lens are sharply imaged in the image plane . Objects that are closer or farther away are shown blurred in the image plane .

In video and digital cameras , the image converter (CCD or CMOS) is located in the image plane . This is an electronic component (light-sensitive semiconductor ) that converts the light - proportional to the light intensity - into a more or less strong electrical voltage.

The arrangement of the image plane in a camera is based, like its beam path, on the physical laws of optics .

Is to distance setting used an auxiliary plane, such as a shim or a separate focus sensor, there may be in the image plane due to geometric variations and tolerances focusing errors occur.


The straight line in this symbol indicates the position of the image plane
Icon for image plane on a digital single lens reflex camera

In analog film and photo cameras , this imaging plane is identical to the film plane , that is to say to the recording plane on which the exposure of the light-sensitive layer of the film takes place.

The image plane is marked on the camera housing in accordance with DIN 4522 Part 11 with a standardized symbol consisting of a circle that is cut in the middle by a straight line. The vertical line marks the position of the image plane. The symbol ⦵, with a horizontal line, is called Plimsoll mark after Samuel Plimsoll , who introduced this symbol as a freeboard mark for ships.

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