Bistrica e Deçanit

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Bistrica e Deçanit - Dečanska Bistrica
The river at the Visoki Dečani Monastery outside Deçan

The river at the Visoki Dečani Monastery outside Deçan

location Kosovo
River system Buna
Drain over White Drin  → Drin  → Buna  → Adriatic
source on Mount Bogiçevica near Gjeravica
42 ° 35 ′ 42 ″  N , 20 ° 10 ′ 4 ″  E
muzzle at Kralan in the White Drin coordinates: 42 ° 34 ′ 54 "  N , 20 ° 34 ′ 6"  E 42 ° 34 ′ 54 "  N , 20 ° 34 ′ 6"  E

length 53 km
Medium-sized cities Deçan

The Bistrica e Deçanit ( Albanian  also  Lumbardh i Deçanit , Serbian Дечанска Бистрица Dečanska Bistrica ) is a 53 kilometer long river in western Kosovo . It drains parts of the Albanian Alps on the western border of Kosovo with Albania and Montenegro north of the Gjeravica .

The river has its source in the mountainous area Bogiçevica near the border with Montenegro and flows east through the Bjeshkët e Nemuna National Park . After a few kilometers the direction changes more to the southeast.  Energy is generated in a small hydroelectric power station . The Lumbardh then takes on a branch on the right, which comes from the northwest slopes of the Gjeravica. Visoki Dečani Monastery is located at the exit from the mountains . The Lumbardh then passes the city of Deçan , which is eponymous for the river, a little north of the center. It flows further east at Kralan into the White Drin .