Boiling Point (1990)

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German title Boiling point
Original title 3-4x jūgatsu
Country of production Japan
original language Japanese
Publishing year 1990
length 96 minutes
Director Takeshi Kitano
script Takeshi Kitano
production Hisao Nabeshima
Kazuyoshi Okuyama
camera Katsumi Yanagishima
cut Toshio Taniguchi

Boiling Point ( Japanese 3-4 × 10 月, 3-4x jūgatsu ) is a Japanese feature film from 1990 . Takeshi Kitano , who also wrote the script, directed the thriller , which does not have any musical background . The main role was played by Masahiko Ono .

The film, which is Takeshi Kitano's second directorial work and his screenplay debut after Violent Cop from 1989, was released in Japanese cinemas on September 15, 1990.


Masaki works as a helper at a gas station. In his spare time he plays for the local baseball team, the Eagles . When he gets into trouble with some of the lower yakuza , Masaki sets off to Okinawa with a few friends to get a gun for the argument and thus save the gas station from ruin. On the trip, however, he not only meets a new friend, but also Uehara, a yakuza who does not allow anyone to tell him anything with his loyal followers - perhaps an older likeness of Masaki, depending on which lifestyle he chooses in the following days will decide. In the midst of a gang war that is soon to escalate, Uehara helps Masaki obtain the weapons and thus brings him closer to realizing his plan. After Uehara's death in a hail of bullets, a first, chattering attack on the adolescents fails miserably. In the second attempt, Masaki stole a tanker truck from his own gas station, which he chased into the gang's headquarters in a showdown. Nevertheless, Masaki seems to want to return to civilian life or to his baseball team: The last pictures on the baseball field leave open whether he will be able to beat the longed-for home run .


Critics largely praised the film and Takeshi Kitano, comparing Kitano's style with that of John Woo . The few negative voices criticized the careless handling of violence in films.

Peter Stack wrote in the San Francisco Chronicle of July 30, 1999, " A movie by Kitano [...] may not be a completely pleasant experience, but it is almost impossible to look away." ( A movie by Kitano [...] may not be an entirely pleasant experience, but it's almost impossible to stop watching. )


Toshio Taniguchi was nominated for Boiling Point and Rōnin-gai in the Best Editing category at the Japanese Academy Awards in 1991 , but could not prevail against Isao Tomita , who won five films - Sakura no sono , Onna ga ichiban niau shokugyo , Hong Kong Paradise , Byōin e ikō and Bakayarō! 3: Henna yatsura - was awarded.

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