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The Bosna (regionally the Bosna , also Bosner ) is a dish widespread in Austria and Germany in the Augsburg and Traunstein area , which consists of a spicy bratwurst that is served in a sliced white bread and garnished with mustard and onions. It is similar to the American hot dog , but is much spicier to spicy.

The Austrian linguist Heinz Dieter Pohl , who publishes on kitchen language, explains the name of this sausage with the fact that in Austria the term Bosnian is associated with strongly spicy and rather spicy dishes.


The origin of the Bosna can probably be found in Salzburg . There, Zanko Todoroff from Bulgaria created his specialty from a sliced ​​white bread roll, two pork sausages, chopped onion, parsley and a secret, obviously curry-containing spice mixture, all half wrapped in white paper. In 1949 he set up an oven in the Augustiner Bräu in the Mülln district and grilled his hot dog variant on it, which was so popular with Salzburgers that he was able to afford the Balkan Grill in 1950 , his own small shop in the Downtown in a through-house in Getreidegasse . The only thing that Salzburgers could not remember is their Nadanitza , which is why this specialty was called Bosna without further ado , a name by which it finally became known in many places in Salzburg and Upper Austria.

According to other sources, the Bosna was invented in Linz in 1974 by Petar Radisaljević, who immigrated from Yugoslavia. Since, according to the newspaper report, he was on his way from Salzburg to Linz, he may have only brought them with him .

Main ingredients

The most important ingredients are sausages, white bread (cut lengthways) and a hot sauce made from mustard , onions and curry . Ketchup is often used instead of mustard . The variant with a mixture of spicy mustard and ketchup is also popular. A little chili powder or cayenne pepper gives the ketchup variant a spicy note.

The bread is usually seared or baked, then the sausages and sauce are added. The whole thing is then seasoned with curry powder.


The size of the Bosna varies at each sausage stand , but it can be roughly categorized as follows:

  • Little Bosna, usually a small bratwurst
  • Medium Bosna, usually two small sausages
  • Big Bosna, depending on the region, either three small sausages or one large sausage
  • Seilbosna, a particularly spicy type in which the sausage has a brown to black crust

The Bosna comes in several variations:

A typical Augsburg Bosna with a beer
  • Kafka (Käsekrainerbosna), in this form, a Käsekrainer (sausage that also contains cheese) is used instead of a bratwurst
  • Teufelsbosna, with cocktail sauce and freshly cut chili peppers
  • Garlic Bosna, with garlic sauce
  • Käsebosna, classic Bosna with melted cheese
  • Jaguar or super jaguar, a pork sausage in an elongated, pre-toasted bread roll, which is first topped with marinated onions and a layer of hot spices; This is followed by the bratwurst and other spices and finally the spicy sauce with a last layer of spices. Depending on the seasoning and pungency of the sausage, this variant of Bosna is called a jaguar or super jaguar; it is mainly eaten in the Augsburg area .
  • Augsburger Bosna, similar to the jaguar, only less spicy and mostly with a non-toasted bread roll
  • Krecek, variant with Bernese sausages instead of the bratwurst
  • Helis, variant with Debrecziner (spicy Frankfurter) instead of the bratwurst
  • Jägerbosner with venison sausage instead of the bratwurst

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