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Brigitte Freyer-Schauenburg (born June 8, 1938 ) is a German classical archaeologist .

Brigitte Freyer, daughter of the sociologist Hans Freyer , studied classical archeology in Mainz , Hamburg , Münster , Freiburg and Ankara since 1957 . In 1960 she took part in the excavations led by Ekrem Akurgal in Çandarli , the ancient Pitane in western Turkey . For many years she worked for the German excavations on Samos . Since 1962 Freyer-Schauenburg has been entrusted as a freelancer with the evaluation of the finds from the German excavations on Samos . In 1964 she received her doctorate with Ulf Jantzen in Hamburg with her thesis Ivory from Heraion, Sami . In 1965 she married the classical archaeologist Konrad Schauenburg . Between 1983 and 1985 she worked on part of the vase collection of the Antikensammlung Kiel as part of the Corpus Vasorum Antiquorum Germany project at the Bavarian Academy of Sciences . Her main areas of research are ancient sculpture, Roman portraits and Greek vases .

From 1978 to 2008 Freyer-Schauenburg headed the Kiel section of the Schleswig-Holstein University Society.

Publications (selection)


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