Bunker - There is no escape

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German title Bunker - There is no escape
Original title The Hoarder
Country of production United Kingdom
original language English
Publishing year 2015
length 90 minutes
Age rating FSK 16
Director Matt Winn
script Chris Denne ,
James Handel ,
Matt Winn
production Inderpal Singh ,
Tim Dennison
music Andrew Pearce
camera Just Bolter
cut Xavier Russell

Bunker - There is no escape (Original title: The Hoarder ) is a British horror thriller from 2015 . The main role of the film, directed by Matt Winn, starred is Ella, played by the award-winning Mischa Barton , who, while researching the opaque private life of her fiancé, comes across a warehouse complex rented by the latter, in which she is soon locked up, dark Reveals secrets and ultimately has to fight for their survival. The film received mostly average reviews as well as those in the lower rating range, although individual aspects such as B. a coherent atmosphere, mostly uniformly highlighted positively. First performed on February 27, 2015 at the Glasgow FrightFest, Bunker - There is no Escape in Germany was launched on October 6, 2015 directly on DVD and Blu-ray .


Ella is suspicious: from time to time, her fiancé behaves little to inspire confidence and evidently has his own interests, which he allegedly deliberately hid from Ella. So she does some research soon after and comes across information about a storage room on the outskirts that she believes her future spouse, the tenant, is hiding something there. Together with her friend Molly, she gains access to the bunker-like complex, in which the two are then locked. After a short time in winding corridors, Molly falls victim to something unknown after a power failure. Ella escapes hastily, but then runs into the armed policeman Vince, who promises to take her outside. While they are wandering around, they gradually come across other people, some of whom turn out to be unpleasant contemporaries - ultimately also a killer who mercilessly pursues his helpless fellow human beings and turns the matter into a deadly struggle for survival.


Bunker - There is no escaping received moderate to average ratings. While an atmospherically successful production as well as the acting performances of the actors as well as good effects and camera work were mainly positively highlighted, the film reaped mainly because of the lack of, steadily sinking or non-existent tension, the similarity to other representatives of the horror thriller genre and predictable storylines negative voices.

The critics of the program magazine TV Spielfilm are dissatisfied with the tension of the flick and write: "The meaningless and tension-free script makes far too little of the basically interesting topics of the film ..." Although they describe camera work and effects as "solid", Give them a “thumbs down” and justify this with the conclusion: “It will be exciting too late - and then too little”.

“'Bunker - There is no escape' tries the well-known premise of the horror film of people who are trapped in a clandestine, gloomy place and exposed to unknown dangers and crippling paranoia [...] Chasing through dark corridors in which people are each other hunt like cattle, is sometimes more, sometimes less adeptly staged, here and there also quite atmospheric and atmospheric, but really well-known in every respect. In addition, the characters are uncomfortably trivial [...] 'Bunker - There is no escape' [is] a long-term, tiring, schematic film that has hardly anything to offer, not even ... carefree entertainment ... "

- Simon Kyprianou : dienachtderlebendentexte.com

On kino.de Bunker - There is no escape is called "conventional horror thriller based on tried and tested patterns".

"[...] The film incorporates a constant atmosphere of dread and apprehension ... Mischa Barton is solid as the film's central character and the supporting cast do well ... The finale is overly predictable [...]"

"[...] The film contains a constant atmosphere of horror and fear ... Mischa Barton is a solid main character and the rest of the cast is doing well ... The finale is all too predictable [...]"

- Irish Film Critic : moviepilot.com

Timo Wolters sums up on blu-ray-rezensions.net: “ Bunker - there is no escape starts strong, holds up well and unfortunately ends a bit ordinary. The mood and atmosphere during the first 60 minutes is still great and comforts over the weak last half hour. "

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