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CLAMP at the Anime Expo , 2006. (from left to right) Satsuki Igarashi, Nanase Ohkawa, Tsubaki Nekoi, Mokona.

Clamp (own spelling CLAMP ) is a group of Japanese cartoonists , consisting of the four members Nanase Ohkawa (revision of the original name “Nanase” after she called herself “Ageha” from 2004 to 2008), Mokona (changed from Mokona Apapa ), Tsubaki Nekoi (modified from Mick Nekoi ) and Satsuki Igarashi . The members are only known under these pseudonyms .


Clamp was founded in 1989 as a dōjinshi circle with up to twelve members, which had shrunk to seven members in 1990, when the first professional manga was published with RG Veda . Tamayo Akiyama , Leeza Sei and Sei Nanao left the group during the release of RG Veda , so that in 1991 only the four current members remained. Over time, they managed to establish themselves as the most famous mangaka team.

For many years, no current photos of the four women were made public, nor did they give interviews. This only changed when a multi-page photo series of the four cartoonists with detailed individual reports was published in the 09/2004 issue (No. 322) of the Japanese women's magazine FRaU .

Nanase Ohkawa (大川 七 瀬Ōkawa Nanase ) is the studio's spokesperson and is responsible for the stories, scripts and designs. Mokona (も こ なMokona ) was the main draftsman for the drawings, the backgrounds and the character designs for many years and thus shaped the style that is still seen today as typical for Clamp. Tsubaki Nekoi (猫 井 椿Nekoi Tsubaki ) was the drawing director and responsible for the Super-Deformed characters, and Satsuki Igarashi (い が ら し 寒月Igarashi Satsuki ) served as a “girl for everything”. In recent years Mokona has taken a back seat as the main artist. Nekoi was the lead artist on the series Wish , 'Cause I Love You , The One I Love and Lawful Drug . In the meantime, Clamp no longer state who played which role in the mangas. However, Ohkawa recently revealed in an interview that in Clamp's current manga ×phiawolf HOLiC, the women of Mokona and the men of Nekoi are usually drawn.

Many of Clamp's works were created parallel to one another, so that the artists worked on different series at the same time.


Clamp's works contain both romantic and dramatic elements and are characterized by poetic drawings and complex storylines. Many Clamp manga have already been filmed as anime in Japan , and Clamps is almost entirely available in German. Their manga often reference each other by reusing characters from other works. Characters from Angelic Layer appear in Chobits and characters from Cause I Love You in Lawful Drug , X continues the stories from Tokyo Babylon and Clamp School Detectives , and Clamp School Detectives , 20 Masks and Justice Guards Duklyon are playing in the same place at the same time with often the same characters.

Places that keep recurring in Clamp mangas are the Clamp School, the Duklyon fast food restaurant, and the Piffle Princess , which shows up as a café, Angelic Layer store, and fashion label.

In xxxHolic and Tsubasa - Reservoir Chronicle they will crossover to the extreme. According to Clamp, these two manga serve to connect the entire Clamp universe. An expression of this is in particular Yuko, the witch of dimensions who has the power to change worlds.


Not completed

  • X (エ ッ ク ス, 1992–2002, paused in Japan, so far 18 volumes)
  • Clover (1997-1998, paused in Japan, 4 volumes so far)
  • Lawful Drug (合法 ド ラ ッ グ Gōhō Doraggu , 2001-2003, paused in Japan, so far 3 volumes)
    • Drug & Drop (ド ラ ッ グ & ド ロ ッ プ, Doraggu & Doroppu , since 2011, so far 2 volumes)
  • Blood-C (2011 to date 4 volumes)
  • Gate 7 (2011 to date 4 volumes)
  • xxxHolic Rei (2013 to date 4 volumes)
  • Card Captor Sakura Clear Card Arc (since 2016, previously 6 volumes)


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