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Clouds : classification
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Special forms

Calvus (cal) ( Latin for "bald, hairless, bald") describes a cumulonimbus cloud without an anvil. The upper parts of the cloud do not look clearly fibrous anywhere, but the upper side no longer has the cauliflower shape of the cumulus and no sharp outlines.

The Cumulonimbus calvus is the transition form from Cumulus congestus , which has sharp outlines everywhere, to Cumulonimbus capillatus , the Cumulonimbus with anvil, i.e. clearly fibrous upper part. With him at least some of the swellings of the upper section begin to lose their cumulus- shaped outlines; however, no cirrus-like parts can be seen yet . The swellings and parts growing out usually form a whitish mass with approximately vertical stripes.

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