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Stratocumuli ( lat. Stratus or sternere "to expand, spread out, cover with a layer" and cumulus "accumulation"; abbreviation : Sc ), in general stratocumuli , are heap layer clouds without fibers and arise similar to cumulus clouds , but with different air layers and stronger winds . This sometimes makes it difficult to distinguish it from the altocumulus . Stratocumulus clouds are especially common in the subtropics and cover 20% of the deep sea . They have a cooling effect on the earth's surface. The stratocumuli are the most common clouds in Central Europe and they indicate a fairly stable layering . Most of the time, the sky can be seen through the stratocumulus layer. Stratocumulus clouds often have a gray underside because the water droplets absorb a relatively large amount of light.

By definition, a cloud is called a stratocumulus when most of the cloud parts appear wider than 5 degrees (when viewed from more than 30 degrees to the horizon), and an altocumulus when it is between 1 and 5 degrees wide - a maximum of about 3 fingers wide when outstretched Hand.

The stratocumulus differs from the cumulus in that the underside has grown together - cumulus clouds are always "solitary" - or that the upper side is either flat or, if domes are visible, they grow from the same cloud base.

Special types of Stratocumulus are stratiformis , lenticularis and castellanus as well as the subspecies translucidus , perlucidus , opacus , duplicatus , undulatus , radiatus and lacunosus . For special forms, accompanying and mother clouds, see the article cloud .


The cloud genus formerly known as Cumulostratus was renamed Stratocumulus in 1840 by Ludwig Friedrich Kämtz with the consent of Luke Howard and included in the internationally valid cloud classification.

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