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Carl Adler (born August 20, 1823 in Speyer , † February 16, 1896 in Bad Dürkheim , Pfalz ) was a German lawyer and politician in Bavaria .


Adler studied law at several German universities and passed the state examination in 1849. But since he had participated in the Palatinate Revolution of 1848/49 , he was neither accepted into the civil service as a lawyer nor as a notary . The anti-Semitic attitude of the reactionary Palatinate government was also a reason for the rejection, because Adler was Jewish .

That is why he initially worked as a teacher in Hamburg and Frankfurt am Main , later he worked as a bank clerk. In Bavaria, Adler then settled as a lawyer in Bayreuth at the end of the 1860s and then went to Würzburg and Munich .

In 1869 he joined the Liberal Progressive Party for the constituency of Speyer-Landau for election to the 24th Bavarian state parliament . In the Chamber of Deputies , he was involved in economic issues over the next five years and sat on several committees and commissions.

From 1874 to 1882 he was a notary in Freinsheim and at the end of February 1882 he moved to Bad Dürkheim, where he died in 1896.


On November 27, 1861, Carl Adler married Emilie Friedländer in Hamburg, born on October 3, 1835 in Hamburg, died on April 18, 1909 in Kaiserslautern. They had the following children together:

  • Rudolf was born on April 19, 1857 in Heidelberg
  • Berthold, born on January 20, 1863 in Munich, died on February 13, 1925 in Zweibrücken. He worked in Frankenthal as the second public prosecutor, moved from Frankenthal to Nuremberg on July 1, 1911, at last he was royal. Higher regional judge in Zweibrücken
  • Gottfried was born on March 20, 1867 in Munich
  • Karoline was born on May 20, 1872 in Würzburg


Adler earned a high reputation as a legal author and with translations of economic writings from French and American specialist literature. He was also involved in founding the workers' education association and the economic association in Munich.


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