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Cork model of the Pantheon in Rome, Johannisburg Castle in Aschaffenburg

Carl Joseph May (also Carl Mey, born May 11, 1747 in Mainz , † June 6, 1822 in Aschaffenburg ) was a pastry chef and worked as a German phelloplastic , i.e. cork carver . He is considered one of the most important imitators of the Italian Antonio Chichi .

He was born in Mainz as the son of the constable Martin May and his wife Anna Margareta. The more precise tradition about May only begins in his fourth decade of life. He was in the service of the imperial counts of Ostein around 1780 and became court confectioner of Karl Theodor von Dalberg by 1790 at the latest , first in Erfurt and from 1803 in Aschaffenburg.

He was married to Katharina Gebursch (born April 17, 1761) and had at least six children. We know of Jakob (* June 10, 1789), Georg Heinrich (* November 28, 1790), Christian (* 1795 or 1796), Margartha Josepha (* April 10, 1797), Anna Maria (* November 8, 1799), Maximilian (born July 10, 1802).

Following the models of Antonio Chichi, he made cork models of important ancient buildings from 1793 at the latest , as well as, on a smaller scale, of German architectural monuments since the Gothic. His works were very popular all over Europe and were therefore also sold abroad by him. The largest collection with 54 pieces is now in Johannisburg Castle in Aschaffenburg, the models were partly created for Karl Theodor von Dalberg, partly for King Ludwig I of Bavaria . Another large collection of 29 models was acquired by Duke Friedrich Franz I of Mecklenburg-Schwerin . It is shown in Ludwigslust Palace ( State Museum Schwerin ).

His son Georg Heinrich May (1790–1853) continued his father's activity as a phelloplastic artist. King Ludwig I sent him to Rome in 1826 at his own expense because he had recognized the value of the models for popular education.


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