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Chūgoku region in Japan

Chūgoku ( Japanese 中国 地方 , -chihō , dt. "Region land in the middle") is a region in the west of the island of Honshū , the largest island of Japan .

Since Chūgoku ( 中国 ) is also the name for China in Japanese, the Chūgoku region is now given the addition Chihō ( 地方 , German region ) to avoid confusion.


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The region can be divided into two sub-regions that go back to historical regions in the Gokishichidō system: San'in ( 山陰 地方 , -chihō , " Yin mountain [page]") going back to San'indō along the Sea of Japan and San ' yō ( 山陽 地方 , -chihō , "Yang Mountain [side]") going back to San'yōdō along the Seto Inland Sea . The two are separated by the Chūgoku Mountains . An alternative name for Chūgoku is therefore also the region San'in-San'yō ( 山 陰山陽 地方 , -chihō ).


Its southern part is relatively heavily industrialized. The climate is friendly and the landscape is beautiful. In the mountainous central and northern parts, agriculture and fishing are the main industries, others are fruit and rice cultivation and tourism.

Coordinates: 35 ° 3 ′ 0 ″  N , 134 ° 4 ′ 0 ″  E