Cheapside (London)

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Coordinates: 51 ° 30 ′ 50.8 "  N , 0 ° 5 ′ 37.3"  W.

Cheapside looking east with St Mary-le-Bow
Cheapside and statue of Sir Robert Peel around 1910

Cheapside is a street in the City of London . It begins in the west on Newgate Street and ends in the east including the Poultry section at the intersection of Queen Victoria Street, King William Street and Cornhill. To the east, the street at Bank London Underground Station meets the Bank of England building .


The street section Poultry , which translates as 'poultry', already indicates the street's traditional role as a marketplace. The name Cheapside means market place; derived from the Old English term ceapan . In the Middle Ages, streets that point to other trading places with names such as Honey Lane or Milk Street also departed from it. Other cities in Great Britain have roads called Cheapside, such as: Ascot , Barnsley , Birmingham , Bradford , Brighton , Bristol , Derby , Halifax ,Lancaster , Leicester , Liverpool , Luton , Manchester , Nottingham and Reading .

The poet John Milton was born on Bread Street on the edge of Cheapside. On December 21, 1118, the Lord Chancellor and later Archbishop of Canterbury Thomas Becket (1118–1170) was goborized in Cheapside. Geoffrey Chaucer grew up on the edge of the Cheapside and occasionally alludes to this area in his works.

The road lay on the way from the Tower of London to Westminster and was thus part of the route of royal processions.

In 1912 one of Great Britain's greatest treasures, the Cheapside Hoard, was found in a cellar in Cheapside . It includes around 600 pieces of jewelry and precious stones, mostly made in the 17th century.


The area around the Cheapside was largely destroyed in air raids on London in 1940 and rebuilt in the 1950s and 1960s. The most important building on the Cheapside is the church of St Mary-le-Bow .


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