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Christian Nikolaus Schnittger (born June 11, 1832 in Schleswig ; † March 20, 1896 there ) was a German painter , draftsman and photographer .



Christian Nikolaus Schnittger was the son of Hans Nikolaus Schnittger, boatman, shopkeeper and candle manufacturer; his older brother was:

He remained unmarried.


After the early death of his father, he initially continued the light foundry (candle manufacturing). However, when the family business declined due to the introduction of kerosene lamps , around 1865 he dared to make the leap to photography , a revolutionary new development that he first introduced in Schleswig.

He opened a photography studio in his parents' house on Stadtweg , which was well frequented. Among his customers were French soldiers who were housed as prisoners of war in Schleswig during the Franco-Prussian War in 1870/1871 , but were allowed to move freely on word of honor.

He was also referred to as the "picture reporter of Schleswig's urban life" because he not only took photos, but also created drawings and watercolors . He not only documented buildings, but also genre views from urban life.

In 1890/1891 he self-published two volumes with historical memorabilia and his own memories; The memories of an old Schleswiger were reissued in 1904 by his friend Heinrich August Christian Philippsen , in which he described, among other things, the effects of the Baltic storm flood in Schleswig in 1872 .

Christian Nikolaus Schnittger was one of the founders of the antiquity association for Schleswig and the surrounding area in 1879 , which became today's Schleswig City Museum . For many years he was chairman of the association, which made him an honorary member .

He was buried in the new cathedral cemetery.

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