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Christian Scherer, photo (around 1910)

Christian Heinrich Scherer (born August 24, 1859 in Cassel , † August 15, 1935 in Braunschweig ) was a German art historian .


Christian Scherer first studied classical archeology and art history at the University of Berlin from 1881 . In 1885 he received his doctorate in Göttingen with a dissertation on the statues of the ancient Olympic champions . He then worked as a volunteer at the Berlin Antiquarium . From 1888 he was an assistant official and from 1895 to 1924 finally museum inspector at the ducal museum in Braunschweig.

He worked on Roscher's Detailed Lexicon of Greek and Roman Mythology and the General Lexicon of Fine Artists from Antiquity to the Present .

His daughter Mechthild (born August 23, 1897 in Braunschweig) also studied art history and received her doctorate in 1922 at the University of Freiburg under Hans Jantzen . She became head of the State Image Office in Berlin .

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