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Horst-Rüdiger Jarck (born April 16, 1941 in Bremen ) is a German historian and archivist . From 1989 until his retirement in 2006, Jarck was director of the Wolfenbüttel State Archives .


education and profession

After graduating from high school, Jarck studied Latin and political science at the Universities of Marburg , Freiburg and Kiel , where he spoke in 1969 about The Cistercian Convent Lilienthal. Establishment, constitution and position the Cistercian Order doctorate . He then worked at the Bückeburg State Archives , moved to the Osnabrück State Archives in 1976 and from there to the Wolfenbüttel State Archives in 1989, where he was appointed Managing Director.

Head of the Wolfenbüttel State Archives

After taking office as the successor to Günter Scheel , Jarck began modernizing and expanding the Wolfenbüttel archive. At the same time he published several monographs on various topics of Braunschweig history and was also active as an editor . So 1996 from Braunschweigisches Biographisches Lexikon . 19th and 20th centuries , 2000 from Braunschweigische Landesgeschichte. Millennium review of a region and 2006 from Braunschweigisches Biographisches Lexikon. 8th to 18th centuries , which today are considered standard works in this subject area.

Other activities

In 1994 Jarck took over the chairmanship of the Braunschweigisches Geschichtsverein , of which he is now an honorary member. From 1992 to 2007 he was also the editor of the Braunschweigischer Jahrbuch , "since 1902 the scientific organ for the history of the state of Braunschweig and the region of south-east Lower Saxony". On May 3, 2005, Jarck and others established the Lower Saxony Economic Archives Foundation in Braunschweig .

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