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Dieter Lent (born December 24, 1934 in Landsberg an der Warthe ) is a German regional historian , archivist and author of publications on the history of Lower Saxony and Brunswick.

Live and act

Lent studied history, philosophy and German in Hamburg , Göttingen and Freiburg , where he received his doctorate on a Germanic topic in 1964. An archive traineeship followed in Marburg. Lent then worked at the headquarters of the Lower Saxony State Archives in Hanover. In 1971 he designed the exhibition "25 Years of Lower Saxony" in Hanover. In 1975 Lent moved to the Wolfenbüttel State Archives , where he worked until his retirement, most recently as head of the contemporary history department and deputy head of the State Archives.

Lent's publications deal primarily with the history of Lower Saxony and Braunschweig. At the end of the 1970s he discovered the legacy of the Vormärz politician and editor of the liberal-democratic newspaper Deutsche Tribüne Georg Fein , which he recorded in the following years. In 1998 Lent discovered a drawn portrait of a youth by Friedrich Hecker , one of the leaders of the German Revolution of 1848/1849 . It is considered to be the earliest Hecker portrait. His finds are of regional and local historical interest with regard to the founding date of Stadtoldendorf and the history of Hehlen in Lower Saxony, as well as the "activity" of Adolf Hitler as a government councilor in Brunswick .

Lent is an honorary advisory board member of the Braunschweigischer Geschichtsverein . Together with Hans-Ulrich Ludewig , Klaus Erich Pollmann and Ulrich Schwarz, Lent was on the advisory board of the Braunschweigische Landesgeschichte published by Horst-Rüdiger Jarck and Gerhard Schildt in 2000 , in which he wrote the chapters on regional historiography and the events of the war and the losses in the Second World War . Lent wrote numerous articles for the two-volume Braunschweigische Biographische Lexikon (1996/2006), the second volume of which he co-edited.

Dieter Lent is the father of Wolfgang Lent (* 1968), who works as a lawyer, publishing editor and lecturer at the Ludwig Maximilians University in Munich .

Publications (selection)

  • The demon of antiquity at Eichendorff. (= Dissertation University of Freiburg i. B.) Rota-Druck, Freiburg 1964, OCLC 367903173 .
  • The way to the state of Lower Saxony: from the tribal idea to the federal state. An exhibition by the Lower Saxony Archive Administration [Hanover] on the occasion of the twenty-fifth anniversary of the State of Lower Saxony. Vandenhoeck & Ruprecht, Göttingen 1971, OCLC 258093046 .
  • On the history and population balance of Lower Saxony in World War II: military geographer. Situation, human losses, war victims, etc. Victims at a glance. Hildesheim 1984, OCLC 256081375 .
  • An overview of the history of Hehlen on the Weser after a lecture (subsequently expanded) for the 1150 year celebration in Hehlen on June 20, 1986. Ev.-Luth. Immanuel-Kirchengemeinde, Hehlen 1989, OCLC 75021655 .
  • Finding aid for the holdings of the estate of the democrat Georg Fein (1803–1869) and the Fein family (1737–) approx. 1772–1924. (211 N) . Self-rel. d. Lower Saxony. State Archives, Wolfenbüttel 1991, ISBN 3-927495-02-6 .
  • A Brunswick student portrait album from the University of Heidelberg 1831/1832 with an unknown youth portrait of the revolutionary leader Friedrich Hecker. Braunschweig 1998, OCLC 633464759 .
  • Wolfenbüttel under the swastika. Five lectures by Reinhard Försterling, Dietrich Kuessner , Hans-Ulrich Ludewig, Wilfried Knauer, Dieter Lent. Edited by the city of Wolfenbüttel. Heckner-Print-Service-GmbH, Wolfenbüttel 2000 ( GBV )
Articles in collective works
  • Miscellanea on the subject of Wilhelm Busch and Wolfenbüttel. An unknown letter from Busch to archive director Paul Zimmermann. In: Braunschweigisches Jahrbuch für Landesgeschichte. 68, 1987, pp. 133-140.
  • The estate of the Brunswick archive director and regional historian Paul Zimmermann in the Wolfenbüttel State Archive. In: Archives in Lower Saxony. 10, 1992, pp. 13-15.
  • Braunschweig and Salzgitter. The exchange of territory with Prussia . In: Wolfgang Benz (Ed.): Salzgitter - History and Presence of a German City, 1942–1992 . CH Beck, Munich 1992, ISBN 3-406-35573-0 , p. 78-91 .
  • An unknown historical folk song about the capture of Duke Friedrich the Restless of Braunschweig at Calenberg Castle in 1484. In: Braunschweigisches Jahrbuch für Landesgeschichte. 74, 1993, pp. 9-25.
  • Johannes Reiske and the early modern beginnings of historiography on the medieval history of Wolfenbüttel. in: Ulrich Schwarz (ed.): On the way to the ducal residence. Wolfenbüttel in the Middle Ages. Braunschweig 2003, pp. 245-267.
  • Of cold winters and hot summers. Weather observation and events in the state of Braunschweig since the early Middle Ages: a journey through the unexplored climate history of Southeast Lower Saxony. In: Braunschweigisches Jahrbuch für Landesgeschichte. 88, 2007, pp. 15-37.
  • "I have brought great benefit to the country". Reflections on this statement by Hitler from January 1945 about his work as a Braunschweig government councilor in 1932. In: Braunschweigisches Jahrbuch für Landesgeschichte. 91, 2010, pp. 217-228.
As an author and co-editor


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