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Gerhard Schildt giving a lecture in the Braunschweigisches Landesmuseum on June 28, 2014.

Gerhard Schildt (* 1937 in Teterow ) is a German modern historian .


Gerhard Schildt studied history and German at the universities of Freiburg and Marburg . One of his academic teachers was Gerhard Ritter . In November 1964 the doctorate took place in Freiburg. The topic was The North-West Working Group. Studies on the history of the NSDAP 1925/26 . In 1967 Schildt became a publisher's editor. In 1970 he moved to the Technical University of Braunschweig . His main research interests are the social history of the 19th century, the Braunschweig national history and general world history. At the TU , he completed his habilitation in 1983 with the work of day laborers, journeymen, workers.Social history of pre-industrial and industrial workers in Braunschweig, 1830–1880. Until his retirement in 2002 he taught as an adjunct professor in Braunschweig.

Schildt wrote several biographical articles for the Braunschweig Biographical Lexicon , including on the dukes Friedrich Wilhelm , Karl II. And Karl Wilhelm Ferdinand .


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