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The team at the Euskal Bizikleta 2008

Contentpolis-AMPO was a Spanish cycling team.

The team was founded with a license as a Continental Team under the name Grupo Nicolás Mateos and mainly participated in races of the UCI Europe Tour . The manager is Oscar Guerrero, who is supported by Manuel López and José Antonio Ortuno as sporting director. In 2008 they drove as a Professional Continental Team under the name Contentpolis-Murcia and in 2009 under the current name. The team was disbanded in late 2009.

2009 season

Successes in the ProTour

date run winner
May 21 SpainSpain4th stage Tour of Catalonia SpainSpain Julián Sánchez

Successes in the Continental Circuits

date run Cat. winner
June 13th PortugalPortugal3rd stage Grande Prémio CTT Correios de Portugal 2.1 SpainSpain Adrian Palomares
11-14 June PortugalPortugal Overall ranking Grande Prémio CTT Correios de Portugal 2.1 SpainSpain Adrian Palomares
August 14th PortugalPortugal8th stage Volta a Portugal 2.HC UkraineUkraine Oleg Shushda
5th October MexicoMexico1st stage Vuelta a Chihuahua 2.1 SpainSpain Javier Benítez
October 6th MexicoMexico2nd stage Vuelta a Chihuahua 2.1 SpainSpain Javier Benítez
October 10th MexicoMexico6. Stage Vuelta a Chihuahua 2.1 SpainSpain Javier Benítez

Additions Disposals

Accesses Team 2008 Departures Team 2009
Dionisio Galparsoro Euskaltel-Euskadi Manuel Calvente Andalucia cajasur
Mikel Gaztañaga Agritubel Rafael Rodríguez Supermercados Froiz
Claudio José Casas Andalucia cajasur Jesús Buendia Unknown
Javier Benítez Benfica Javier Chacón Unknown
Aitor Perez Extremadura-Grupo Gallardo José Miguel Elías Unknown
Francisco José Torres Barbot siper José Carlos López Unknown
Óscar García-Casarrubios Ex-professional ( Relax-GAM 2007) Alberto Rodríguez Unknown
Gorka Izagirre Neoprofi Jorge Sánchez Unknown
Pedro José Vera Neoprofi


Surname birthday nationality Team 2010
Javier Benítez 3rd January 1979 SpainSpain Spain Guerola-Valencia Terra I Mar
Claudio José Casas February 25, 1982 SpainSpain Spain
Sergio Domínguez April 12, 1986 SpainSpain Spain
Javier Etxarri August 16, 1986 SpainSpain Spain
Dionisio Galparsoro August 13, 1978 SpainSpain Spain
Óscar García-Casarrubios June 7, 1984 SpainSpain Spain Heraklion Kastro-Murcia
Mikel Gaztañaga December 30, 1979 SpainSpain Spain
José Herrada October 1, 1985 SpainSpain Spain Caja Rural
Gorka Izagirre October 7, 1987 SpainSpain Spain Euskaltel-Euskadi
Francisco José Pacheco March 27, 1982 SpainSpain Spain Xacobeo Galicia
Adrian Palomares 18th February 1976 SpainSpain Spain
Aitor Perez July 24, 1977 SpainSpain Spain Footon Servetto
Rubén Reig September 29, 1986 SpainSpain Spain Caja Rural
Julián Sánchez February 26, 1980 SpainSpain Spain
Rafael Serrano July 15, 1987 SpainSpain Spain Heraklion Kastro-Murcia
Eloy Teruel November 20, 1982 SpainSpain Spain
Oleh Tschuschda May 8, 1985 UkraineUkraine Ukraine Caja Rural
Manuel Vázquez March 31, 1981 SpainSpain Spain Andalucía-Cajasur
Pedro José Vera February 26, 1984 SpainSpain Spain

Placements in UCI rankings

UCI America Tour

season Team ranking Driver ranking
2009 24. SpainSpain Javier Benítez (104.)

UCI Europe Tour

season Team ranking Driver ranking
2006 52. SpainSpain Javier Benítez (43.)
2007 81. SpainSpain Diego Milán (336.)
2008 17th SpainSpain Manuel Vázquez (24.)
2009 34. SpainSpain Adrián Palomares (138.)

UCI World Calendar

season Team ranking Driver ranking
2009 28. SpainSpain Manuel Vázquez (137th)