Cracks (film)

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German title Cracks
Original title Cracks
Country of production United Kingdom , Ireland
original language English
Publishing year 2009
length 104 minutes
Age rating FSK 16
Director Jordan Scott
script Ben Court ,
Caroline Ip ,
Jordan Scott
production Kwesi Dickson ,
Andrew Lowe ,
Julie Payne ,
Rosalie Swedlin ,
Christine Vachon
music Javier Navarrete
camera John Mathieson
cut Valerio Bonelli

Cracks is a 2009 independent film directed by Jordan Scott . The film is based on the novel of the same name by Sheila Kohler .


In the 1930s, the strict British girls' boarding school at St. Mathildes revolves around a clique of girls who adore their enigmatic diving teacher, Miss G. Di Radfield has her eye on Miss G and is her clear favorite and leader of her group. As Fiamma, a Spanish noble girl arriving at boarding school, Miss G pays all her attention to her. Miss G becomes increasingly obsessed with Fiamma, with the result that Di becomes jealous and puts Fiamma mentally down. The bullying finally climaxed when Di asked Fiamma to get out of boarding school and return to Spain. Since it seems impossible for Fiamma to escape, she is found later that night and brought back to the dormitory. The next morning there is an exchange between Di and Fiamma and the two take the first steps towards a friendship.

In the evening the clique holds a midnight party in the bedroom, at which Fiamma faints while drunk. Miss G then takes her to her own room. Miss G kisses and undresses the incapable Fiamma. Di observes the whole situation from the crack in the door. The next morning Fiamma is visibly upset. Miss G realizes that her career will be over if Fiamma reports the sexual harassment. She decides to manipulate Di and turns her affection for her into anger by telling her Fiamma is telling lies about her so that she will be suspended from boarding school. Di does not want to let this happen and there is a confrontation between Dis Clique and Fiamma. Fiamma tries to explain what really happened by pointing to Miss G's lies and flaws in character. It comes to an escalation in which Fiamma runs away and is finally overtaken and beaten by the clique. Fiamma has an asthma attack and the girls stop in alarm. Di stays with Fiamma while the other girls run to get help.

Miss G, who watched the event without intervening, sends Di to get help while she takes care of Fiamma. Miss G refuses to give Fiamma the inhaler and calmly watches as she dies. Di returns in time and watches Miss G place the inhaler in Fiamma's lifeless hand. She now realizes that Fiamma was telling the truth.

Di later tells the other girls what actually happened and they confront Miss G. They leave the diving team and symbolically give up their sashes. The headmistress, however, refuses to acknowledge the school's guilt as she is concerned about the school's reputation. Miss G is still on leave.

In the last scene, Di left school to explore the world.


The film received mixed reactions from critics, earning a 43% rating on Rotten Tomatoes based on 47 reviews. At Metacritic , a Metascore of 54, based on 12 reviews, could be achieved.

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