Danish Central Library for South Schleswig

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Headquarters of the library in Norderstrasse in downtown Flensburg
Danish library in Husumhus in Husum / North Friesland
Danish library in Ansgarhuset in Schleswig (Danish Slesvig )
Book bus with national historical illustrations by the Danish artist Bo Odgård Iversen

The Danish Central Library for South Schleswig e. V. or in Danish Dansk Centralbibliotek for Sydslesvig e. V. is the library of the Danish ethnic group in the Schleswig region with its headquarters in Norderstraße in Flensburg .

The main library in Flensburg dates back to 1891 and has a section for adults and one for children. There are branches in Schleswig (Dansk Bibliotek Slesvig) , Husum (Dansk Bibliotek Husum) and Eckernförde (Fællesbibliotek på Jes Kruse-Skolen, Egernførde) . In addition, there are two book buses that run throughout the north of Schleswig-Holstein and also regularly serve the state capital Kiel . Borrowers in other areas of Germany are supplied by mail - with the restriction that no German-language titles are sent that are also available elsewhere.

In addition to the library, events (exhibitions, lectures, etc.) and Danish courses take place here on a regular basis. The central library is therefore an important cultural and educational center in the region. About 87% of the library is financed by the Danish state, 12% by the German side and about 1% from its own resources.

Study Department

The library is connected to a study department (Studieafdelingen) , which looks after the archive of the Danish minority in the Schleswig region and whose employees are active in both research and knowledge transfer.

The Schleswig collection

Schleswig lions on the facade of the headquarters in Flensburg

The Schleswig Collection (Den Slesvigske Samling) is a unique scientific collection of literature on the history of North and South Schleswig , but also topographical and statistical works, old Bibles and scholarly literature in the five languages Danish , German , Low German , Low Danish (Sønderjysk) and North Frisian as well as some copies in Petuh . It is spatially separated from the normal inventory and is aimed at research.

The collection was brought together in 1891 and especially after the partition of Schleswig in 1920 and comes from various private collections as well as from the holdings of Danish libraries, such as the state and university library in Copenhagen . In 1949 it was considered an independent collection with 2,587 volumes and 119 pictures. Today there are over 50,000 media units with an ever-increasing number.

The opening times of the collection correspond to those of the main library in Flensburg, and all books can be read in the reading room and many can be borrowed.

German-Danish library forum

Since the conclusion of an INTERREG II project funded by the European Union at the end of the 1990s, the large libraries north and south of the German-Danish border have joined forces in the German-Danish Library Forum (see Lending and Supplementary Library ). The German Central Library and Central Library in Aabenraa are also members . It is responsible for the German minority in North Schleswig in Denmark and is therefore the counterpart of the Danish Central Library for South Schleswig.

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