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Daniel Dagan (* 1944 in Cairo ) is an Israeli journalist and author.


Dagan was born in the Heliopolis district of Cairo and grew up in France and a kibbutz in Israel .

After studying political science and economics, he worked for print media as well as for radio and television in Jerusalem , Paris , Brussels , Madrid , Bonn , Washington and other capitals.

Daniel Dagan currently lives in Berlin, where he worked for Raschut hashidur (IBA), the leading public radio and television company in Israel, for a long time . He also writes and broadcasts regularly for other media in several countries. From 2009 onwards, he ran a daily blog on his website, which has continued to this day.

Dagan's contributions have appeared in the International Herald Tribune , Handelsblatt , Tagesspiegel , Zeit , Le Monde , El Mundo and other leading newspapers and magazines. The German public's frequent comments and discussions on radio and television (u. A. In Daniel Dagan International Frühschoppen the ARD known).

Daniel Dagan is a member of the Association of Foreign Press in Germany (VAP), the Association des Journalistes Europeéns (AJE) and a co-founder of the Bonn International School (BIS).

Dagan is fluent in Hebrew, French, German, English and Spanish and lectures in these languages.


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