Deanery Graz-North

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former dean's office Graz-Nord
Dean's office (Styria)
Dean's office
Basic data
Political situation Austria , Styria , Graz and the Graz area
Ecclesiastical province Salzburg
diocese Graz-Seckau
Parish Association City Church Graz
Metropolitan Alois Kothgasser SDS
Diocesan bishop Egon Kapellari
Episcopal Vicar Heinrich Schnuderl
dean Egon Galler
Parishes 8 (2011)
Religious branches 14th
Erzdiözese Salzburg Erzdiözese Wien Diözese Eisenstadt Diözese Feldkirch Diözese Graz-Seckau Diözese Gurk Diözese Innsbruck Diözese Linz Diözese St. PöltenMap of the Deanery Graz-North
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The dean's office Graz-Nord was a dean's office in the city ​​church of Graz in the Roman Catholic diocese of Graz-Seckau . It comprised 8  parishes :

  • Parish Graz-Andritz (parts of XII Andritz near the city  )
  • Parish Graz-Christ the Salvator (parts of III. Geidorf near the murna  )
  • Parish Association Graz-Gösting - Thal
    • Parish Graz-Gösting (remote parts of XIII.  Gösting )
    • Parish Thal (municipality of Thal west of Graz)
  • Parish Graz-Graben (peri-urban parts of III.  Geidorf )
  • Parish Graz-Kalvarienberg (northern parts of IV.  Lend and southern parts of XIII.  Gösting )
  • Parish Graz-Painful Mother (southeastern parts of IV.  Lend )
  • Parish Graz-St. Veit (XII.  Andritz-St. Veit , parts of Stattegg north of Graz)

as well as the religious branches located in the catchment area of ​​these parishes.

The last dean was Gerhard Platzer, pastor of Graz-St. Veit , deputy dean Harald Janser, pastor in Graz-Andritz .

The deanery was dissolved on August 30, 2012. The parishes Graz-Gösting , Thal , Graz-Kalvarienberg and Graz-painful mother were assigned to the dean's office Graz-West on September 1st , the parishes Graz-Andritz , Graz-Christus der Salvator , Graz-Graben and Graz-St. Veit to the dean's office in Graz-East .

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Individual evidence

  1. Ecclesiastical ordinance sheet for the diocese of Graz-Seckau, No. 31 (PDF; 207 kB)