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The German Society for Information and Knowledge e. V. (DGI) is a specialist society for documentaries , librarians , archivists and other information professionals from the fields of information science and information technology . The organization founded in 1948 has set itself the goal of promoting information science and practice in Germany. The company has been registered in the EU Transparency Register since August 29, 2011 .


The German Society for Documentation (DGD) was founded on May 28, 1941 at a meeting of the specialist standards committee for libraries, books and journals . The DGD should coordinate the work and the exchange of views in the field of documentation with the aim of creating as complete documentation as possible for the German Reich . This also included the procurement and evaluation of foreign literature, the results of which should be made available to the military, science and business as quickly as possible. The Nazi regime sustainably promoted these efforts. Representatives of the Reich Ministry for Public Enlightenment and Propaganda , the Reich Economics Ministry , the Foreign Office , the High Command of the Wehrmacht and the Reich Security Main Office (here: Walter von Kielpinski ) took part in the founding meeting. The director of the Leipzig University Library , Fritz Prinzhorn , was appointed first chairman . In the advisory board of the society were beside the representatives of the ministries and the armed forces Gustav Abb , Hugo Andres Krüß , Wilhelm Gülich , Leo house manager and Werner Rust . Not only individuals but also corporations could become members. Starting in 1943, the society published a “central record” of the foreign literature available in Germany, which was available to important “consumers” from science, industry, the state and the military.

The DGD was "reactivated" in 1948 and renamed itself in 1998 to the German Society for Information Science and Information Practice. It has around 1000 institutional and personal members (2011). The main activities of the DGI include the implementation of events such as congresses, meetings, trade fair participation ( CeBIT ) and further training in cooperations. Since August 2014 its new name has been the German Society for Information and Knowledge eV


Since June 2017 the board has consisted of Marlies Ockenfeld (President), Luzian Weisel (Vice-President) and Christine Eckenweber-Black (Treasurer). Michael Borchardt, Axel Emert, Barbara Müller-Heiden, Margret Schild and Nadine Walger are also on the board. The DGI office is headed by Margarita Reibel-Felten.

Presidents of the DGI and DGD

  • Since 2017: Marlies Ockenfeld, until 2011 Fraunhofer Institute IPSI (Integrated Publication and Information Systems)
  • 2014–2017: Reinhard Karger, company spokesman for the DFKI (German Research Institute for Artificial Intelligence)
  • 2008–2014: Stefan Gradmann , Katholieke Universiteit Leuven (Belgium) (previously Professor at the Institute for Library and Information Science at the HU Berlin)
  • 2001–2008: Gabriele Beger , Director of the State and University Library Hamburg (previously Central and State Library Berlin)
  • 1999–2001: Horst Neißer , director of the Cologne City Library
  • 1996–1999: Joachim-Felix Leonhard , German Broadcasting Archive Frankfurt (then State Secretary in the Hessian Ministry for Science and Art)
  • 1990–1996: Arnoud de Kemp, Springer Verlag Heidelberg (today digiprimo Heidelberg)
  • 1987–1990: Gerhard Kohnen, Press and Information Office of the Federal Government
  • 1978–1987: Peter Canisius, Federal Highway Research Institute (BASt)
  • 1975–1978: Helmut Möhring, chemist and documentary specialist at Bayer AG Leverkusen
  • 1972–1975: Ernst Lutterbeck , Government Director in the Federal Ministry of the Interior (BMI)
  • 1961–1972: Helmut Arntz , Giessen Laboratory for scientific photography
  • 1955–1961: Erich Pietsch , Director of the Gmelin Institute for Inorganic Chemistry and Frontier Areas in the Max Planck Society
  • 1951–1955 Hanns Wilhelm Eppelsheimer , General Director of the Deutsche Bibliothek Frankfurt am Main Director of the City and University Library in Frankfurt
  • 1948–1951 Walter Schürmeyer , library director of the Frankfurt Art and Technology Library


The DGI publishes, among other things, the specialist journal Information - Wissenschaft & Praxis ( ISSN  1434-4653 , news for documentation until 1997 ), the information science book series ( ISSN  0940-6662 , so far 12 titles from 1991 to 2010) and the conference volumes of the annual DGI-Online Conference out. From 1996 to 1998 she published a yearbook on the state of the information economy . The specialist journal IWP has been published by Verlag de Gruyter since the beginning of 2012.

Specialist groups

Members of the DGI work on relevant topics from the information area in specialist groups.

As one of the oldest specialist groups, the Working Group on Terminology and Language Issues (AKTS) works on the "Terminology of Information and Documentation", which was first published in 1975 by the Documentation Publishing House.

Related organizations

In the German-speaking area there are, among others, the following comparable organizations that overlap with the DGI's specialist field.

  • Professional associations for documentaries, librarians , archivists and other information professionals
    • Austrian Society for Documentation and Information (ÖGDI)


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