German Rundschau

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German Rundschau

description German science and literary magazine
Area of ​​Expertise Politics, culture, features, economy, technology
publishing company Paetel Brothers, Berlin
First edition 1874
attitude 1964
editor Julius Rodenberg, Bruno Hake, Rudolf Pechel, Jürgen Pechel, Peter Pechel, Harry Pross
ZDB 205873-x

The Deutsche Rundschau was a literary and scientific magazine founded by Julius Rodenberg in 1874 and published by Gebrüder Paetel Verlag .


Binding of the first edition of the Deutsche Rundschau, 1874
Title page of the first edition of the Deutsche Rundschau , 1874, with the seal of Gebrüder Paetel Verlag

The Deutsche Rundschau has at times significantly influenced German politics as well as literature and culture and was considered to be one of the “most successful journal start-ups” in Germany. So published Theodor Fontane 's Effi Briest , Theodor Storm 's Schimmelreiter and contemporaries such as Paul Heyse , Gottfried Keller , Conrad Ferdinand Meyer and Ernst Robert Curtius their works in this journal.

After Rodenberg's death, Bruno Hake became its editor, followed by Rudolf Pechel in 1919 . Up until the Second World War , the magazine was the mouthpiece of the young conservatives and later the conservative opponents of National Socialism . From 1933 to 1942 the editor and writer Paul Fechter was co-editor of the magazine.

In April 1942 Pechel was arrested and the magazine was banned by the Reich Security Main Office . Four years later the Deutsche Rundschau appeared again with Rudolf Pechel as editor. After Pechel's death, his sons Jürgen and Peter Pechel and Harry Pross continued to run the magazine until 1964. Burghard Freudenfeld and Hans-Joachim Netzer most recently edited the Deutsche Rundschau .


The "contemporary continuation of a traditional monthly, the Deutsche Rundschau" is the multilingual online magazine edited by Heinrich von Loesch under the name - Deutsche Rundschau . The title thus remains anchored in the family tradition: Heinrich von Loesch is the (half) brother of Peter and Jürgen Pechel.

Other publications with the same name

Several publications have used the title Deutsche Rundschau over the years , including:

  • Deutsche Rundschau, Harvey, North Dakota (1915–1917)
  • Deutsche Rundschau, Cuero, Texas (1880 – ca. 1900)
  • Deutsche Rundschau in Poland (1939).
  • Deutsche Rundschau, Landshut (RVG-Verlag, 1990–1994)


  • Margot Goeller: Guardian of Culture. Educational citizenship in the cultural magazines "Deutsche Rundschau" and "Neue Rundschau" (1890 to 1914) (=  European university publications. Series III History and its auxiliary sciences . No. 1082 ). Peter Lang, Frankfurt am Main 2011, ISBN 978-3-631-61404-4 .

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