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Harry Pross (born September 2, 1923 in Karlsruhe , † March 11, 2010 in Weiler-Simmerberg ) was a German journalist and journalist .


Pross came from a middle-class family. His father was the director of a metalworking company with around 300 workers. After graduating from high school, Pross was drafted into the Wehrmacht in 1941 and seriously injured by shrapnel while retreating from the Russian front in Romania . The doctors wanted to amputate his right arm. However, his mother insisted on taking him home and looking after him. The wounds of the war and the remains of bullets left in his body have hindered his life ever since. P. 1

In 1945/46 he began studying social sciences in Heidelberg and heard, among others, Alfred Weber , Viktor von Weizsäcker , Willy Hellpach , Hans von Eckardt and Gustav Radbruch . In 1949 Pross received his doctorate with a thesis on the sociology of knowledge on the Bündische Jugend at the Ruprecht-Karls-Universität Heidelberg . With a Harkness scholarship , he continued his studies at the Hoover Library ( Stanford University ) in 1952 and, while traveling through the United States , got to know the McCarthy agitation against suspected left-wing intellectuals, which was intensified by the election campaign of Republican Dwight D. Eisenhower .

As a journalist Pross worked for the Rheinpfalz (1948), the magazine Ost -problem (1949-1952) and the Haagse Post (1953-1954). In 1955 he married Heddy Weerth (1917-2004). 1955–1960 he was editor of the Deutsche Rundschau , 1955–1969 co-editor of the Neue Rundschau and 1963–1968 editor-in-chief of Radio Bremen .

Pross taught at the University for Work, Politics and Economics in Wilhelmshaven , at the Ulm School of Design and followed the call of the Free University of Berlin in 1968 . There he taught as a full professor at the Institute for Journalism until his early retirement in 1983 due to war injuries.

From 1989 to 1995 he taught at the St. Gallen School of Journalism . Guest lectures have taken him to Barcelona, ​​Bucharest, Madrid, Málaga, Moscow, Rome, Sao Paulo and Tel Aviv, among others. In 2001 Pross was awarded the Kurt Tucholsky Prize for literary journalism. After retiring from the University of Berlin in 1983, he developed and directed the international Kornhaus seminars in his home town of Weiler im Allgäu . He selected changing topics from the field of communication and had them examined by high-ranking experts from different perspectives. He has also published countless articles in newspapers, magazines, edited volumes and on the radio.

Harry Pross typed the media in 1970 depending on their production and reception conditions:

  • primary media are means of elementary human contact without a device,
  • Secondary media require devices to be produced, but not to be perceived.
  • tertiary media require devices on the part of the producer as well as the consumer.

International Kornhaus seminars

  • 1984 Kitsch as a social product
  • 1985 Home and homelessness
  • 1986 Meals in Change
  • 1987 friends and others
  • 1988 dialect and maturity
  • 1989 Anniversary and memorize
  • 1990 Europe of the Regions
  • 1991 fairy tales, messages of freedom
  • 1992 From playing
  • 1993 On dealing with time

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