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The DGRV - German Cooperative and Raiffeisen Association e. V. (DGRV) is an umbrella organization of the German cooperative organization .

The association , founded in 1972 , has its headquarters in Berlin . There are also various departments in Bonn on Adenauerallee (next to the Raiffeisenhaus). The DGRV is the result of the merger of the two top cooperative associations at the time, the Deutscher Raiffeisenverband e. V. (old) and German Cooperative Association ( Schulze-Delitzsch ) e. V. emerged. Since then, the DGRV has been responsible for all overarching issues of the cooperative group.


DGRV represents the common interests of the cooperative organization in economic -, right - and tax policy matters to the public, the media and politics.

The DGRV represents interests together with European and international organizations such as Cooperatives Europe in Brussels , the International Co-operative Alliance ( ICA ) in Geneva or the European Association of Cooperative Banks EACB ( European Association of Co-operative Banks ) in Brussels of German cooperatives at European level and worldwide.

In addition, the DGRV is a member of the International Raiffeisen Union IRU , which is a platform for the exchange of experience between the international cooperative organizations. The DGRV also advises its cooperative members on issues relating to business administration , accounting and cooperative auditing.

Furthermore, the DGRV, as the top auditing association of the cooperative group, can carry out all audits of the cooperative regional and federal centers, special institutes and associations.

In addition, the association promotes the creation of cooperatives at home and abroad. Especially in countries of the Third World , but also in Central and Eastern Europe , this is driving economic development.

However, the DGRV is also committed to establishing new cooperatives in Germany . In recent years, companies have been founded in the legal form of a registered cooperative in a wide variety of industries .


With the exception of the housing cooperatives, all cooperative divisions are organized at the DGRV . These include the credit unions , rural and commercial cooperatives, and consumer cooperatives .

As a result, the federal associations of the above-mentioned sectors are members of the DGRV, in detail they are

Furthermore, the DGRV is supported by the cooperative regional and specialist auditing associations as well as the cooperative network and central companies. In contrast, the primary cooperatives, i.e. the cooperatives on the first level of the cooperative network, are not a direct member of the DGRV.

About 5,400 cooperative companies and 20 million cooperative members are (indirectly) organized under the umbrella of the DGRV. Around 950,000 people work in the cooperative organization. The cooperative network is thus an important economic factor in the German economy and by far the economic organization in Germany with the largest number of members.

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