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The decision is the official magazine of the Junge Union Deutschlands, the joint youth organization of the CDU and CSU parties . It appears every two months with a circulation of around 11,000 copies (IVW 4/2006). For conferences or congresses but also appear special issues with higher edition.

The magazine is distributed free of charge to over 8,000  functionaries of the Junge Union. In addition, all CDU members of the German state parliaments , the Bundestag and the European Parliament receive the decision . Other recipients of the magazine are also press representatives and numerous subscribers.


Soon after the Junge Union was founded in 1947, the “Informations der Junge Union” was published in Hamburg. They are the forerunners of the workbooks of the Junge Union , published by the Federal Association of the Junge Union since August 1951 , which in turn became the magazine The Decision in 1953 . While these bi-weekly brochures were primarily intended to inform the base (the ordinary members ) of the Junge Union about current political issues and decisions , the intention was to address a readership outside of the Junge Union with a new association magazine. In addition, with the help of the new magazine, a medium for internal discussion within the association and for dealing with the two parent parties should be created. In the first five years, the title of the new magazine was Information from the Junge Union Deutschlands .

The decision was published formally by the Federal Secretary (later designation: Federal Managing Director ) of the Junge Union until 1970 . Thereafter, this function was transferred to the federal board itself.

In 2004, the decision was published once with a print run of 150,000 copies. The special edition Black is beautiful was mailed to all members of the Junge Union .

In May 2013 the decision celebrated its 60th birthday. On the occasion of the anniversary, the 05/06 2013 issue was published with a black cover picture showing a colored "60". In addition to many contemporary witnesses and pioneers, including Helmut Kohl , Norbert Lammert and Stern editor -in- chief Hans-Ulrich Jörges also congratulated . Among the laudators of the so-called spring reception of the decision , which took place in May of the same year to mark the anniversary in Berlin's Kollhoff-Haus , Norbert Lammert, President of the Bundestag, as a representative of Weiss-Verlag, was the publisher Alexander Lenders.

editorial staff

The editorial office is located in the federal office of the Junge Union in Berlin . The current editor-in-chief is Florian Müller, who succeeded Nathanael Liminski . The federal board of the Junge Union also appoints the rest of the editorial team. As part of the general supervision of the federal executive board and the expectation of political loyalty , the editors have freedom of choice regarding the content and articles of the decision .

The editor-in-chief Georg Milde (2002–2003) published The Decision for the first time in full color , but for cost reasons every two months instead of the previous publication with ten issues a year and a black and white interior. Milde is still part of the editorial team to this day - for his series of portraits "Paths to Politics" he interviews personalities from the political environment close to the JU and CDU and outlines their careers.

One of the longest - serving editors-in-chief is Sidney Pfannstiel (2003–2009), the last acting JU Federal Press Spokesman (2002–2003) and who previously worked as a gossip columnist for 20 Minuten Cologne . Pfannstiel also brought non-political personalities to the magazine, such as the US actor Christian Slater . In the ninth year of his work and in the seventh year as editor-in-chief, he resigned in 2010 “due to age” and was then appointed by the JU federal board as a “national bar attendant for life”.

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