The night has a thousand eyes

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German title The night has a thousand eyes
Original title Night Has a Thousand Eyes
Country of production United States
original language English
Publishing year 1948
length 81 minutes
Age rating FSK 16
Director John Farrow
script Barré Lyndon ,
Jonathan Latimer
production Endre Bohem
music Victor Young
camera John F. Seitz
cut Eda Warren

Night Has a Thousand Eyes (Alternative title: You die at eleven ; Original title: Night Has a Thousand Eyes ) is a in black and white twisted American film noir from 1948 with Edward G. Robinson in the lead role.


The millionaire heiress Jean Courtland tries to commit suicide, but is stopped by her fiancé Elliott Carson. The story is told in flashbacks.

John Triton tours with his fiancee Jenny and the piano player Whitney Courtland as an alleged fortune teller through variety shows. One day he will actually have accurate visions of the future. Thanks to them, his friend Courtland becomes a millionaire. When Triton foresees the death of his fiancée, he leaves her and withdraws from society. After many years, Triton moves to the same town as Courtland. After Triton's disappearance, he married his fiancée, who, however, died giving birth to their daughter Jean. When Triton has the vision of a plane crash in which Whitney Courtland is killed, he tries to prevent this and seeks out his daughter to warn her. However, the accident can no longer be prevented.

Triton now foresees the death of Jeans within a week. Jeans fiancé Carson thinks he is a fraud and calls in the police, who distrust Triton. Jean places this under police protection in her own house. Triton foresees various events that are to occur before Jean's death. One prediction after another comes true. Jean is supposed to die in the open air at eleven o'clock in the evening. The murderer, who is also responsible for Courtland's death, succeeds in deceiving the police by putting back a large wall clock in the living room.

When Jean thinks the danger is over, she leaves the house alone and goes into the garden. Triton notices the trick and hurries after Jean. At the last moment he succeeds in preventing the murder. However, the police that join them make a serious mistake. She shoots Triton because she thinks he is the attacker. Jean clears up the mistake so that the real perpetrator, Mr. Gilman can be arrested. Gilman had tried criminally to usurp power in Courtland's company.


“The film combines the tension of a fantastic melodrama with a sensitive psychological representation. . "


The film is based on a novella by Cornell Woolrich . In the German dubbed version, Wolfgang Büttner speaks the role of John Triton.

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