The Delano Police Chiefs

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Television series
German title The Delano Police Chiefs
Original title Chiefs
Country of production United States
original language English
year 1983
length 70 minutes
Episodes 3 in 1 season
genre Crime , drama
Director Jerry London
script Robert W. Lenski ,
Stuart Woods
production John E. Quill
music Michael Small
camera Michel Hugo
First broadcast Nov 13, 1983 (USA) on CBS
first broadcast
December 24, 1988 on Sat.1

The police chiefs of Delano (Original title: Chiefs ) is an American crime - miniseries from 1983, based on the same original novel by Stuart Woods is based. It takes place in the fictional city of Delano in the southern United States, with each part of the series covering a certain period of time, but without being complete.

The theme in the foreground is a series of murders and mutilations of young white men that spans over forty years. Behind it, but not hidden, the persistent problems of the USA are illuminated, especially the racial hatred that was inherent in this time, region and society. The figure connecting all parts is the local politician Hugh Holmes (portrayed by Charlton Heston ), who has a decisive influence on the development of the city.

It was broadcast in the United States from November 13-16, 1983 on CBS . In Germany showed Sat.1 the three-part series of 24 to 26 November 1988. The series was in 1984 for three Emmys nominations, including Keith Carradine as Best Supporting Actor in a Miniseries.


Part 1 - The Murders

In 1924, two men ran for election as police chief of Delano. One is Will Henry Lee, a well-known, fair and popular farmer in the area. His opponent is Foxy Funderburke, dog breeders and veteran of the First World War , which is regarded as eccentric. Lee is elected and soon begins to investigate. He comes into conflict with Skeeter Willis, the corrupt county sheriff with ties to the Ku Klux Klan , who hinders him as much as possible.

Still, Lee can identify the killer. In the course of his investigation, however, he was accidentally shot by a man suffering from malaria and died of the consequences of his injuries without being able to pass on his knowledge. He leaves behind a son, Billy Lee, who is friends with the son of the man who shot his father.

Part 2 - Racial Hatred

In the summer of 1945, numerous young men from World War II return to the United States, including Sonny Butts, a thoroughly racist young man. He gets the job as police chief from Delano and abuses it. Butts is involved in beating up a black war veteran named Marshall Peters.

However, he continues to investigate the murdered young men after he gets his hands on the files of Will Henry Lee. For this purpose he visits Foxy Funderburke, but is killed by him and buried together with his motorcycle on Funderburke's property.

Part 3 - The mass grave

In 1962, another election for Delano Police Chief was due, and Billy Lee ran for election as governor of the state. At the same time, he suggests a former officer named Tyler Watts as chief of police, who, to the surprise of most, turns out to be African-American. Young white men are still disappearing in the area and Watts begins investigating himself. In doing so, he encounters obstacles, on the one hand in the form of Sheriff Skeeter Willis, on the other hand due to rigid legal provisions that prevent him from searching the property of Foxy Funderburke on his own. However, he manages to get the FBI to conduct a search, during which he is allowed to be present as an observer.

When one of the agents stumbles over the handlebars of Sonny Butt's buried motorcycle, Funderburke finds himself exposed. He fires a rifle at Watts, injuring him slightly, but is then killed by the agents. Gradually, more than forty corpses emerge, including those of Sonny Butts. Billy Lee, Tyler Watts and Hugh Holmes share their regrets for what happened. Still, Billy Lee is elected governor, and Tyler Watts reveals his true identity as his childhood friend by reminding him at a horse paddock of a conversation they had as boys thirty-eight years ago.

Cast and dubbing

The German synchronization was for a dialogue book and the dialogue director of Thomas Dannenberg by the synchronous company Arena synchronous in Berlin .

Role name actor Voice actor
Hugh Holmes Charlton Heston Erich Schellow
Foxy Funderburke Keith Carradine Eberhard Prüter
Will Henry Lee Wayne Rogers Frank Glaubrecht
Billy Lee Stephen Collins Michael Christian
Tyler Watts / Joshua Cole Billy Dee Williams Engelbert von Nordhausen
Sheriff Skeeter Willis Paul Sorvino Gerd Duwner
Sonny Butts Brad Davis Detlef Bierstedt

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