Treasure Island (1978)

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Anime television series
title Treasure Island
Original title 宝島
transcription Takarajima
Country of production JapanJapan Japan
original language Japanese
year 1978
Studio Tokyo Movie Shinsha
length 24 minutes
Episodes 26th
genre Drama, children's and youth series
Director Osamu Dezaki
idea Robert Louis Stevenson
music Kentaro Haneda
First broadcast October 8, 1978 to March 1, 1979 on NTV
first broadcast
1994 on RTL 2

Treasure Island ( Japanese 宝島 , Takarajima ) is a Japanese anime series by director Osamu Dezaki from 1978. It is based on the novel of the same name by Robert Louis Stevenson .


A treasure map falls into the hands of 13-year-old half-orphan Jim Hawkins, who runs the Admiral Benbow restaurant with his mother on the English coast . The wealthy Mr. Trelawney then provides a ship, the Hispaniola , to lift this treasure from a desert island in the Pacific. Jim meets up on board with the ship's cook John Silver and with doctor Dr. Livesey. Before the ship can reach the island, however, the crew, led by Silver and Jim, Dr. Livesey and some loyal sailors manage to escape.

From then on, two parties are on the island in search of the treasure of pirate captain Flint , whose right-hand man was Long John Silver. Jim has to deal with his confusing feelings towards Silver, whom he still regards as his friend despite his malice.

The castaway Ben Gunn, who was stranded on the island before the Hispaniola arrived, later joins the group around Jim Hawkins. The actual treasure hunt must be carried out jointly by pirates and sailors after several arguments. Eventually the place can be found where the treasure should be buried according to the map, but it is no longer there. The sailors can gain the upper hand through this disappointing situation and take the pirates and John Silver into custody. After a series of puzzles, the remaining men discover the treasure behind a glass-like wall in a cave.

On the way back, Long John Silver managed to escape, not without taking a considerable part of the treasure with him.

Production and publication

The series was produced by Tokyo Movie Shinsha for NTV television. The studios Madhouse and Kobayashi Production were also involved. Directed by Osamu Dezaki , the character design comes from Akiu Sugino , who also directed the animation.

It was first broadcast from October 8, 1978 to March 1, 1979 on NTV in Japan. The German version was first broadcast by RTL 2 in 1994 . Repetitions at Tele 5 followed . The series has also been translated into French, Spanish, Italian and Arabic, among others.


role Japanese speaker ( seiyū ) German speaker
Jim Hawkins Mari Shimizu Marek Harloff
Long John Silver Genzo Wakayama Michael Grimm
Mr. Trelawny Junpei Takiguchi Gerd Marcel
Dr. Livesey Iemasa Kayumi Harald Pages
Gray Akio Nojima Walter Wigand
Puppy Akira Kamiya Marek Erhardt
Captain Smolett Hideaki Esumi Klaus Dittmann
Karen Hawkins Toshiko Maeda Isabella Grothe
Captain Smolett Hideaki Esumi Klaus Dittmann
Lily Rihoko Yoshida Samira Chanfir
Billy Bones Ryou Kurosawa Ben Hecker
Captain Flint (parrot) Kouichi Kitamura Günter Lüdke


The music in the series was composed by Kentarō Haneda . The song Takarajima was used for the opening credits , the credits were underlaid with the title Chiisana funanori ( 小 さ な 船 乗 り ), both sung by Yoshito Machida and also composed by Haneda.

Episode list

episode Episode title
1 The mysterious stranger
2 Unwanted visit
3 The blind man
4th The raid
5 The decision
6th John Silver, friend or foe?
7th On the high seas
8th Man overboard
9 Slave trade
10 The Conspiracy
11 Land in sight
12 revenge
13 Attack of pirates
14th The bluff
15th No water in the fort
16 Jim's battle with the tides
17th Slaughter on the Hispaniola
18th Dead Hans is alive
19th The end of silver?
20th The secret of the treasure map
21st Finally, the darling
22nd The Skull Island
23 Silver has malaria
24 The shark's grave
25th Farewell to Treasure Island
26th The return

Deviations from the template

Although the series takes the plot of Stevenson's novel very detailed, it still comes to events that do not exist in the book. In episode 8, for example, the Hispaniola encounters a ghost ship with the title Man Overboard , on which the recently killed vice-captain hangs up and accuses Silver of murder. Only when Silver drives over to the ship and knocks the ghost down from the gallows, the spook is over.

In episode 9 of the slave trade , the Hispaniola enters a port where Jim is kidnapped by slave traders a short time later. In his rescue, Silver is shot and then even has to defend Hispaniola against pirates.

The treasure is not found in the series by Ben Gunn, he just searched the island unsuccessfully. The treasure is discovered after a series of puzzles, at the end of which Jim shoots a wall with a bow and arrow.

Contrary to most other cinematic implementations , Silver is shown in the series without a full beard and relatively young. Jim also has a constant companion in the form of a leopard cub named Benbow .

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