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Dolores is a female given name .

Origin and meaning

The name Dolores comes from the Latin dolor " pain ". Mater Dolorosa is the Latin name for the feast of Mary's pain ( memory of the pain of Mary ). Above all, it is intended to remember the torments that Mary suffered as the mother of Jesus Christ when she accompanied her son on the Way of the Cross , stood under the cross , saw him die and had to put him in the grave ; see also Via Dolorosa .


Dolores is particularly popular as a first name in the Spanish- speaking world, but also occurs occasionally in Germany , Austria , the USA and other countries.

The Legs of Dolores is a German comedy film by Géza von Cziffra from 1957, and That only makes the legs of Dolores is a hit by the German composer Michael Jary that is sung by many interpreters.

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Wiktionary: dolor  - explanations of meanings, word origins, synonyms, translations