Drop Dead Diva

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Television series
German title Drop Dead Diva
Original title Drop Dead Diva
Logolg ddd4.png
Country of production United States
original language English
Year (s) 2009-2014
length 40 minutes
Episodes 78 in 6 seasons ( list )
genre Comedy , drama
idea Josh Berman
production Josh Berman ,
Neil Meron ,
David Petrarca ,
Alex Taub
First broadcast July 12, 2009 (USA) on Lifetime
first broadcast
January 4th, 2010 on FOX

Drop Dead Diva is an American television series invented by Josh Berman and first broadcast on July 12, 2009 on the American television channel Lifetime .

In the German-speaking area of radiation Pay TV transmitter FOX , since August 22, 2011, the Free TV transmitter sixx and since 2 January 2015, the ORF of the series.


The pretty model Deb Dobkins dies in a car accident and ultimately finds herself in front of the Heavenly Gate. Your Heavenly Gatekeeper checks your life on a computer. In an unobserved moment, Deb presses the return button, whereupon she is sent back to earth, but not into her body, but into the body of the also deceased, overweight lawyer Jane Bingum.


role actor Main role Supporting role Voice actor
Jane Bingum Brooke Elliott 1.01-6.13 Stephanie waiter
Teri Lee Margaret Cho 1.01-6.13 Susanne von Medvey
Stacy Barnett April Bowlby 1.01-6.13 Shandra Schadt
Kim Kasswell Kate Levering 1.01-6.13 Angela Wiederhut
Grayson Kent Jackson Hurst 1.01-6.11 Alexander Brem
Jay Parker Josh Stamberg 1.01-4.13 Martin Halm
Fred Ben Feldman 2.01-3.13 1.01-1.11, 4.01, 4.13, 6.10 Roman Wolko
Owen French Lex Medlin 4.01-6.13 3.10-3.13 Gerd Meyer
Luke Daniels Carter MacIntyre 4.01-4.13 5.01 Johannes Raspe
Paul Justin Deeley 5.01-6.13 Benedikt Gutjan
Deb Dobkins Brooke D'Orsay 1.01-3.07 Marieke Oeffinger
Joe Cummings Kenny Alfonso 1.01–6.12
Rita Mayson Vickie Eng 1.02-4.02 Marion Hartmann
Warren Libby Gregory Alan Williams 1.03-6.08 Thomas Rauscher
Tony Nicastro David Denman 1.10–2.04 Christian Weygand
Paul Saginaw Marcus Lyle Brown 2.05-6.08 Manou Lubowski
Vanessa Hemmings Jaime Ray Newman 2.06-3.04, 5.06 Kathrin Gaube
Brian Pullman Robert Hoffmann 3.10-3.12 Benedikt Gutjan
Elisa Shayne Brandy Norwood 3.11-4.06 Tatiana Pokorny
Ian Michael Holt Jeffrey Pierce 6.10-6.13 Philipp Moog

Production and broadcast

In the US, a 13-part first season was initially ordered and broadcast from July 12, 2009 to October 11, 2009. Lifetime ordered a second 13-part season after good ratings. The broadcast began on June 6 and ended on 29 August 2010. In Germany, the first season of 4 January 2010 to 29 March 2010 at the was Pay TV transmitter FOX Channel aired. For free TV to which ProSiebenSat.1 Media acquired the rights and broadcast the series starting August 22, 2011. sixx out.

On September 23, 2010, Lifetime extended the series by another thirteen episode third season, which was shown from June 19, 2011.

On September 22, 2011, Drop Dead Diva was renewed by Lifetime for a thirteen episode season. This fourth season was shown in the United States from June to September 2012.

On January 16, 2013 it was announced that the US broadcaster Lifetime had discontinued the series after the fourth season. As announced on March 1, 2013 by Lifetime, however, a fifth season was produced in cooperation with Sony Pictures Television. With the beginning of the broadcast of the fifth season on June 23, 2013 it was announced that Josh Stamberg no longer belongs to the main cast. In October 2013, the series was extended by a sixth and final season, which was broadcast from March 23 to June 22, 2014.

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