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Edenred SA

legal form SA
ISIN FR0010908533
founding 2010
Seat Malakoff , FranceFranceFrance 
management Bertrand Dumazy
Number of employees 10,000 (2019)
sales 1.57 billion euros (2019)
Branch Service , gift cards
Website www.edenred.com

Edenred is a publicly traded company headquartered in Malakoff, France, specializing in transaction solutions for businesses, employees and merchants. The predecessor company Accor Services invented the ticket restaurant in 1962 . ® Since separating from Accor in June 2010, the Edenred Group has been independent and is still one of the leading providers of meal vouchers today . The company offers a portfolio from classic paper vouchers to digital and app-based solutions, such as Apple Pay since 2016 . The service portfolio is divided into three areas: employee benefits, fleet and mobility solutions and corporate payments. These benefits are usually used by employers as tax-privileged benefits in kind for employees.

With around 10,000 employees, the company is represented in 46 countries around the world. The company generated sales of 1.57 billion euros in the 2019 financial year. Most of this is done digitally. Edenred Group is the world market leader in the field of payment services for companies, employees and retailers as an acceptance partner. According to the company's own information, more than 50 million employees, 850,000 companies and institutions and 2 million acceptance partners use the company's network.

Edenred Germany

Edenred Deutschland GmbH employs over 140 people at its headquarters in Munich as well as in Berlin, Hamburg and Wiesbaden. With almost 28,000 customers and more than 1.4 million users, Edenred is the leading provider of vouchers and gift cards for employees and customers in Germany. Edenred triggers up to 5.3 million voucher transactions annually in the network it has created between voucher users and retailers.

Edenred Germany is a member of the Prepaid Association Germany eV (PVD), which represents the interests of the prepaid industry and provides information on (legal) developments.

Edenred Austria

Edenred Austria GmbH, based in Vienna, was founded in 1993 and has around 2,500 customers. The managing director is Ursula Würzl. The company is a partner of the FOOD program (Fighting Obesity through Offer and Demand).


Inspired by the original meal vouchers, a concept introduced in Great Britain in 1954, Jacques Borel established the Ticket Restaurant ® brand in the French market in 1962 . A French government decree issued in 1967 officially recognized the meal voucher as an employee benefit. Due to its success, the concept was also introduced outside of France from 1976, under the name Accor Services from 1998. In 1974 Edenred entered the German market with Ticket Restaurant ® . As part of the division of the Accor group of companies into the hotel and prepaid services sectors, Accor Services became the Edenred Group in June 2010. On July 2, 2010, the Edenred Group was listed on NYSE Euronext Paris. Jacques Stern has been appointed Chairman and Chief Executive Officer.

In 2014, the Edenred Group made digital technology one of the pillars of its strategy and launched the Ticket-Restaurant ® card in France in April 2014 . Currently, 78 percent of the Edenred Group's global business volume is generated from digital solutions.

In 2015, the Edenred Group entered into a partnership with Daimler in Brazil and acquired 34 percent of the shares in UTA in Germany, and in 2017 it increased the shares to 85 percent.

On May 31, 2016, the Edenred Group completed the takeover of Embratec in Brazil, thereby further expanding its market position in this fast-growing segment.


The products can be divided into three areas, whereby the range of products varies from country to country:

  • Voluntary fringe benefits for employees: This product area was originally designed to subsidize employees' lunches (Ticket Restaurant ® ). Since December 2018, all Ticket-Restaurant ® card users have been able to pay with Apple Pay. Over the years the range has been expanded to include other areas of application, such as B. the additional payment of food for employees and their families (Ticket Alimentación), additional payments for commuters (Commuter Check), voucher cards for culture (Ticket Cultura), child care (Ticket Junior) and company health promotion (Ticket Plus ® Fit & Gesund) .
  • Cost management: The solutions in this area are used to manage employee costs, especially in the area of ​​fleet and mobility management. Cards are offered to optimize the cost of vehicle fleets (Ticket Car and Ticket Log), fuel cards, tolls and maintenance (UTA) or the travel costs of individual employees (Empresarial in Mexico; ExpendiaSmart in Italy).
  • Supplementary solutions: All network solutions fall into this product group. These include payment services for services and payment transactions between companies (Edenred Corporate Payment), systems for rewards and incentives (Ticket Incentive, Ticket Compliments, Ticket Kadéos) and solutions for the targeted distribution of funds from public service providers.


Institutional investors make up the majority of investors at 94.6 percent. 4.8 percent are individual shareholders and the remaining 0.6 percent are company-owned shares (as of 2017).

Prizes and awards

In 2017, Edenred received two awards at the COM-ENT "Grand Prix": one in the "Visual identity and graphic universe" category for the rebranding that took place in 2017 and once in the "One Shot" category for the global launch of the new corporate identity. In 2018, Edenred received three additional awards for rebranding at the 23rd TOP / COM Corporate Business Grands Prix, which recognizes corporate communications campaigns. Edenred received gold in the “Internal Event” category, silver in the “Global Design” category and a special prize for the form of expression.


The company has created the “Well-being at Work” barometer in long-term cooperation with IPSOS .

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