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Edward Savage Crocker II (born December 20, 1895 in Fitchburg , Massachusetts , † April 1968 ) was an American diplomat .


His father was Edward Savage Crocker, a reindeer from Crocker, Burbank & Company , a paper mill in Fitchburg. From 1917 to 1918 he took part in the First World War in the US Navy. He was a graduate of Princeton University and entered the diplomatic service in 1920. At the beginning of 1930 he was first second and then first embassy secretary and chargé d'affaires at the US embassy in Stockholm .

From 1935 he was second and from autumn 1939 first secretary at the US Embassy in Tokyo under Ambassador Joseph Grew . Crocker was one of the first Americans to learn of the planning of a Japanese attack on Pearl Habour . Crocker had the relevant information sent to the US State Department on January 28, 1941 . The Office of Naval Intelligence deemed the information to be incorrect. Edward Crocker accepted Japan's official declaration of war on December 8, 1941. He then continued to work in Tokyo, as the embassy staff were not allowed to leave Japan. In August 1942 he came to the USA as a result of a bilateral diplomatic exchange.

From November 1942 to August 1944, Crocker was first embassy secretary and consul under Raymond Henry Norweb at the US embassy with António de Oliveira Salazar in Lisbon. After May 8, 1945, Crocker was accredited to the US Embassy in Warsaw under Ambassador Stanton Griffis.

On September 28, 1948, Harry S. Truman appointed Crocker as his ambassador to Iraq. Crocker II submitted his letter of accreditation to the government of Faisal II on March 1, 1949 . Crocker II left the embassy on June 12, 1952. By the end of 1946 there was the Mahabad Republic . The US Embassy in April 1950 had a newspaper printed in Kurdish and distributed in Baghdad 115, Northern Iraq 476, in Iran 116 in Syria 102 and 11 specimen copies.

Crocker married Lispenard Seabury (1902-1984) in 1942. In this marriage Lispenard Seabury Crocker was born, which Marshall Green (1916-1998) married.


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