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The residents' registration office is a communal authority which, as a registration office, deals with the registration requirements anchored in the registration system.


The government building inspector and writer Salomo Sachs was responsible for the establishment of the registration offices in Berlin . His invention of a “flying cataster” caught on in Berlin in 1812 and spread throughout Prussia. The updates of the citizen data with their changes of residence took place every hour by form, in the newly created 12 offices and the police stations of the city.

Since the end of the 20th century , the tasks of the residents 'registration offices have been combined with other municipal services in so-called citizens' offices . Other terms such as citizen service, customer center, service point, citizen's shop, citizen services are used on the one hand to convey a friendlier first impression and on the other hand to make the changed areas of responsibility clear.

The legal basis results from the right to report. Previously (before 2015) the right to report with regard to legislative competence was part of the framework legislation ( Art. 75 GG ). In the course of the federalism reform, the reporting system was assigned to exclusive federal legislation. The Federal Registration Act (BMG) has been in force since November 1, 2015 . These municipal service centers are responsible for:


The registration offices are part of the municipal administration in Austria; According to the Registration Act, the registration authority itself is the respective mayor . In Austria it is possible to register and de-register in the same registration office (the one that is responsible for the new place of residence); Registration, deregistration or re-registration by post is also possible. In most municipalities, the registration offices are directly integrated into the municipal offices, in Vienna the municipal district offices are responsible; in municipalities with a city ​​police with their own office, the registration offices are often housed with them.


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The residents ' or persons' registration office is a municipal authority in Switzerland and Liechtenstein , which are the registration office with the reporting anchored reporting obligation is concerned. This authority establishes the first contact with the city administration. It is responsible for registering new arrivals, and processes all moves, changes of address or other changes in the personal details of a resident. It also accepts various requests in connection with the aliens police regulation of the residence of foreigners, checks them and forwards them to the cantonal migration office.

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