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Emil Ferdinand Tuchmann (born 1885 ; died 1963 ) was a German doctor, bibliophile and lecturer.

Live and act

Tuchmann, whose main occupation was a doctor, belonged to Salomo Friedlaender's circle of friends in Berlin , was secretary of the Society of Bibliophiles and was chairman of a "Panizza Society" founded in 1928. He was also a co-founder or member of other literary and bibliophile societies such as the Fontane Evening (from 1927), from 1923 to 1933 in the Maximilian Society and, at the end of 1932, the Bibliophile Friends (BF). In 1930 a publication commission of the Berlin Bibliophile Evening met, formed by Tuchmann, Dr. Abraham Horodisch and Dr. Karl Schönberg, who prepared a number of book publications. 1930–31 published a. a. Works by Gerhard Lüdtke ( publisher ), Armin Renker ( about the paper ), Fritz Schroeder about the picture printing process ) and Eduard W. Tieffenbach ( about the sentence in the beautiful book ).

With Kurt Lubasch, Tuchmann published the anthology Berliner Gedichte in 1931 , with poetry a. a. by Johannes R. Becher , Lion Feuchtwanger , Iwan Goll , Max Herrmann-Neisse , Georg Heym , Erich Kästner , Klabund , Franz Mehring , Joachim Ringelnatz , René Schickele and Kurt Tucholsky . He also wrote articles on Herbert Reichner's Philobiblon , the German-French Rundschau and the magazine for book lovers ("Vom Kubin -Archiv", 1932). As a Jew, he looked after the seizure of power of the Nazis forced to emigrate; he went to France and worked as an editor at the Flammarion publishing house . He later moved to the United States, returned to France as a military doctor and lived in Paris again from 1951.

Publications (selection)

  • Kurt Lubasch and Emil F. Tuchmann (eds.): Berlin poems. Berlin: Rütten & Loening, 1987. With an addendum by Wulf Kirsten. Unchanged new edition of the anthology printed in 1931 for the Berlin Bibliophile Evening on March 10, published in Berlin, Preuss, 1931.
  • Karl Schönberg and Emil F. Tuchmann (eds.): The poet and the book . Berlin, self-published, 1930. Anthology for the celebration of the twenty-fifth anniversary of the Berlin Bibliophile Evening. With an original lithograph by Alfred Kubin and poetry by Oskar Panizza via Karl Kraus to Jakob Haringer
  • To the magician Kuttel Daddeldu. Twenty-five poems to Joachim Ringelnatz. Presented and announced by Herbert Günther. Publisher: Günther Rossipaul, Stammheim / Calw, 1968. Mit Gedichten u. a. von Munkepunke , Max Herrmann-Neisse, Emil Tuchmann, Hans Weigel u. a.


  • Abraham Horodisch: The bibliophile EF Tuchmann and his ex-libris . In: Sarkowski, Heinz (ed.): Imprimatur. A yearbook for book lovers. New Series, Volume VII (1970–1972). Frankfurt, Society of Bibliophiles, 1972

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