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Eric Spitzer-Marlyn (born May 24, 1952 in Vienna ) is an Austrian musician.


As the winner of the Showchance 1970 he was Eric as Eric under an exclusive contract with the German record label BMG Ariola . In 1970 he released his English-language single Walking Round . He later won the audience award at the World Music Festival Rio de Janeiro , where he performed with Carlos Santana .

In 1973 Eric Spitzer-Marlyn went to Munich and worked there with Giorgio Moroder , Keith Forsey and Harold Faltermeyer , among others . He was one of the first Austrians to successfully compose and write songs for international artists, for example for Roger Whittaker .

In 1975, Eric moved to London for a long time, where he lived in a shared apartment belonging to the Family Dog group with James Taylor and Albert Hammond . Here he began to work in music productions as a sound engineer in studios.

In 1979 he began working not only as a sound and video technician, but also as an editor for the ORF magazine Okay . A year later he moved to New York. From there, Eric Spitzer-Marlyn contributed to the youth magazine; Among other things, because of his personal acquaintance with John Lennon, he also brought the sad first report after the assassination attempt, began to work for Jolly Joker , NBC and HBO . From 1981 he worked in the largest recording studio in the world, the Hit Factory , for stars such as Bruce Springsteen , Little Steven , Paul Simon and Yoko Ono .

Eric Spitzer-Marlyn attended courses in acoustic construction / design, was involved in setting up the new Hit Factory studios on 54th Street and continuously produced music and video clips, for example for Falco , Abba , Mike Oldfield , The Police and Pointer Sisters . He completed directing and script workshops at UCLA in Los Angeles, while at the same time he began developing sound design for feature films in addition to working as a sound engineer on the set.

He was responsible for sound engineering for the films Cappuccino Melange , Ein Anfang von Something , for example, and for the sound design for Heller als der Mond , In Heaven , Hero or the film music for Exit and The White Diamond . In addition to his film work, he has been involved in cinema, TV and music spots, for example for Humanic or Guess ( Michael Shapiro ) with Oscar winner Janus Kaminsky , Maserati with Ridley Scott's cameraman Harris Savides , or Horses with Elton John and Luciano Pavarotti , directed by Federico Brugia .

Since 1979 he has been in contact with one of the German founding fathers of popular electronic music, the winner of numerous cultural awards, Hans-Joachim Roedelius . Many of the Roedelius recordings were produced in Austria by Spitzer-Marlyn. He has also worked as a musician in various Roedelius productions and occasionally accompanied his concert appearances as a sound engineer. Eric Spitzer-Marlyn has also been working with the well-known German director Werner Herzog for many years . He is responsible for the sound on set, the sound design, but also for the music. Through his work with Herzog, a cordial relationship developed with the Dalai Lama , with whom Eric Spitzer-Marlyn meets again and again.

In the last few years he has been in charge of the international film projects Stalin-the red God for BBC One ( Frederick Baker ), Boxeo Cuba ( Dirk Meints ), Sein liebsten Feind , Wheel of Time and Werner Herzog's The White Diamond . The film Stalin-the red god won the Golden Gate Award in San Francisco in 2002. The jury's reasoning was among other things: "... the innovative sound design with imaginative techniques making this film stand out as worthy of our highest award ...", which means that the BBC received an international film award for which an Austrian was largely responsible for the first time.

In addition to Eric Spitzer-Marlyn's compositional activity and his cinematic soundscapes, he teaches sound recording for film and television in the film department and in the electroacoustics department at the Vienna University for the Performing Arts and Music .

Eric Spitzer-Marlyn is also invited annually to the Universidad de San Francisco and the Universidad Andina , both in Quito , Ecuador , to hold his workshops and lectures on sound design and film music in English.

In the summer of 2006, the sound design for the new Austrian film , which was awarded both at the Viennale and at the Berlinale, Shortly before it happened ... ( Anja Salomonowitz ).

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