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Eugène Manning , born Franciscus Manning (born December 28, 1931 in Breda , † December 15, 1995 in Leuven ) was a Dutch Roman Catholic clergyman, Trappist , abbot , theologian and religious historian.

life and work

Franciscus Manning, born in Princenhage (today: Breda), joined the Trappist Abbey of Rochefort in 1950 and took the religious name Eugène (after Pope Eugene III ). After studying in Rome, he was ordained a priest in 1958. From 1981 to 1987 he was abbot of Oelenberg Abbey . Manning died in the Keizersberg Benedictine Abbey in Leuven, where he had lived for scientific reasons since 1989.

Manning contributed to important historical works of the Cistercian order . He edited the four-volume bibliography générale de l'Ordre cistercien and edited the Dictionnaire des Auteurs Cisterciens (as part of the Documentation cistercienne publishing house he founded ). From 1990 until his death he was editor of the journals Recherches de théologie ancienne et médiévale (today: Research on theology and philosophy of the Middle Ages ), Bulletin de théologie ancienne et médiévale , Scriptorium and Bulletin codicologique . He was chairman of the Comité international de Codicologie .

At the side of François Masai (1909-1979) he intervened, against Adalbert de Vogüé , in the controversy over the origin of the Regula Benedicti and the Master's rule .


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