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A German independent label from Bad Salzuflen in Ostwestfalen-Lippe , founded in 1985, was almost world-wide and released a few pop singles and cassette samplers in the vicinity of the Hamburg School .


The label was founded in 1985 by Michael Girke, Achim Knorr , Andreas Henning, Bernd Begemann and the star singer Frank Spilker and sound engineer Frank Werner in Herford . Jochen Distelmeyer and Bernadette La Hengst followed in 1987 as an integral part of Fast Worldwide. The action group of the individual bands was spread over the whole of northern Germany, so the members lived in Berlin, Hamburg, Cologne and Bielefeld. The sound studio, "Klangforschung", was based in Bad Salzuflen.

The band leaders' hometowns were in East Westphalia and Lippe. Some of them had met through school together, through contacts in the local music scene and through work in the recording studio. Bernd Begemann interprets the name Fast Worldwide as an ironic game with one's own status as a “provincial looser”; According to Frank Werner, the label was born out of the “need to form your own mouthpiece together” and to be better noticed.

Few singles and cassette samplers have been released on Almost Worldwide. Many demo recordings were made, including recordings by Jochen Distelmeyer's band Bienenjäger with the assistance of Thomas Wenzel and Mirko Breder, as well as the first two star singles. Michael Girke, Michael van den Nieuwendijk and Oliver Mills released Jetzt! the demo tape "Love in BIG cities" on Almost Worldwide. In 1999 the band Blumfeld covered the title “Come with you into everyday life” from these recordings . Bernd Begemann never published on Fast Weltweit himself and had already moved to Hamburg in 1984 , where many of the musicians featured on the samplers followed him between 1984 and 1987.

The distribution of the recordings of Achim Knorr and Der Fremde took place from 1990 through the label of his drummer Andreas Reth with the name Reth Tonträger.

Environment and relationships

The label was of some importance for the development of German pop music at the Hamburg School. Thus, through Bernd Begemann and his Hamburg band Die Antwort , lively contact was established between the Hamburg and East Westphalian pop scene, which also led to joint concerts. Some of the almost worldwide artists formed new bands in Hamburg, for example Jochen Distelmeyer went to Blumfeld , Thomas Wenzel to the Goldene Zitronen and later to the stars, where he met Frank Spilker. Bernadette Hengst later played for Huah! and The bride is eye-catching . The brothers Andreas Reth and Matthias Rothaug, who played with the Time Twisters and Der Fremde , founded the band Kajak in Hamburg .


around 1979/1980

around 1982

  • The Toll (Andreas Henning, Michael Girke, Jürgen Jahn, Cord Budde, Rolf Birkfeld, Heike Hickmann)
  • Dick Bärta ( Achim Knorr , Markus Fennert, Johannes Meyer, Michael Girke and others)

around 1983

around 1984/85

  • Time Twisters (Andreas Henning, Jürgen Jahn, Frank Jacobs)
  • Discount (Frank Spilker, Mirko Breder, Christian Böhm)
  • The Stranger (Achim Knorr)
  • Now! (Michael Girke, Frank Spilker, Volker Seewald, Fried Gerber and others)

around 1985/86

  • Now! (Michael Girke, Klaus Mertens and others)
  • Time Twisters (Andreas Henning, Jürgen Jahn, Ralf Wendler)
  • Arthur Dent (Frank Spilker, Mirko Breder, Frank Perrey, Ralf Wendler, etc.)
  • Merzbau (Frank Spilker, Frank Perrey et al.)
  • The Stranger (Achim Knorr et al.)

around 1986/87


Most of the songs from this phase of the musicians are only released on the aforementioned cassette samplers. In 1988, on a night like Frank Spilker's, the L'age-d'or sampler features music for young people . Some other songs were published on the now out of print magazine CD of the fan zine Komm Küssen .


  • 1982 - The Toll, sound research
  • 1983 - The Toll: Out of control! , Sound research
  • 1983 - Veto, sound research
  • 1983 - Milk-Pops: The best "Milk-Pops" in the world , sound research
  • 1984 - The Discount: Linoleum in the brain , sound research
  • 1986 - The Time Twisters, Almost Worldwide
  • 1987 - Now !: Love in BIG Cities , Almost Worldwide
  • 1988 - VA: Presented almost worldwide: Now! ... The stars ... The stranger ... The bee hunters ... The Time Twisters ... Bernadette Hengst (The "Red" Cassette Sampler No. 1), Fast Worldwide
  • 1988 - VA: Presented almost worldwide: Now! ... The stars ... The stranger ... The bee hunters ... The Time Twisters ... Bernadette Hengst (The "Blue" Cassette Sampler No. 2), Fast Worldwide
  • 1989 - The Time Twisters, damn it !, sound research
  • 1990 - The Time Twisters, damn it !: Straight ahead , Armin Müller
  • 1990 - The Time Twisters, damn it !: The return of the dynamic duo , Armin Müller
  • 1989 (unpublished) - VA (The "Green" Cassette Sampler)

Demo recordings sound research

  • 1984 to 1989 - Michael Girke
  • 1987 to 1989 - Bernadette Hengst
  • 1987 to 1989 - Jochen Distelmeyer, Die Bienenjäger
  • 1980, 1982, 1983, 1991 to 1995 - Bernd Begemann, The Answer, The electric songwriter
  • 1985 to 1990 - Die Sterne, Frank Spilker u. Mirko Breder (including Arthur Dent and Merzbau 85/86)
  • 1985 to 1994 - Achim Knorr, Der Fremde

u. a. Werkschutz, Michael Hoffmann, Le Frog, Dajana Loves Paisley


  • 1985 - Now !: My Quiet Generation / Eight Hours Are Not a Day , Hit & Run Rec., Pastel Distribution, Producer Thomas Schwebel
  • 1987 - The Stars: A Rainy Summer (Low Over Ireland) / I want you
  • 1988 - Die Sterne: 1988 / What do you ask for
  • 1988 - The Stranger: Blood / Stay with me
  • 1990 - The Time Twisters: Incredible Girl / I'm Coming Back / Good Morning Summer


  • 1985 - VA: Presented almost worldwide: Now! ... The Stranger ... The Time Twisters , Sound Research / Almost Worldwide
  • 1990 - The Stranger: Next to it , reth sound carrier
  • 1991 - The Time Twisters, damn it !, watch out for suburban surfers !, maybe easy, Swinging Bielefeld 008, sound research
  • 1997 - Come kissing compilation # 4, sampler a. a. with various almost world-wide acts Komm Küssen Fanzine, Münster
  • 2017 - Now! - Love In BIG Cities (1984–1988), Michael Girke retrospective , Wallpaper Records , TR374
  • 2018 - The Time Twisters - Good Morning Summer! 24 Pop Songs from the Almost Worldwide Archive, Wallpaper Records , TR398
  • 2019 - Now! - How It Was, Wallpaper Records , TR441

radio play

  • Bad Salzuflen worldwide. A feature about the birth of the discourse pop from the spirit of the visitor's tax.

By Christian Möller and Heiko Behr. A radio play about Fast Weltweit and the history of the label, produced by WDR in 2012 and directed by Susanne Krings. Length: 53 minutes, edited by Natalie Szallies


“City.Country.Pop. Pop music between the Westphalian provinces and the Hamburg School ”was a project by the LWL Literature Commission for Westphalia in cooperation with the Universities of Münster and Paderborn and the Museum for Westphalian Literature. Funded by the Prime Minister of North Rhine-Westphalia, the LWL-Kulturstiftung and the Nyland-Stiftung. It took place between November 27, 2008 and May 3, 2009 in the Museum of Westphalian Literature Haus Nottbeck in Oelde Stromberg.

The exhibition project and pop concert series in the museum conveyed poetry and music from the region: Erdmöbel , Bernd Begemann & Die Befreiung, Bernadette La Hengst and the Frank Spilker Group live on the Haus Nottbeck cultural property. Exhibition projects were also the bands Die Sterne and Blumfeld and the label Fast Weltweit a section was dedicated.

The bands and solo artists represented were presented, particularly with regard to their relationship to literature.


  • City.Country.Pop. The video album - interview DVD, produced at the University of Paderborn in connection with the seminar "Popliteratur - a documentary search for traces in OWL / Pop.Musik.Literatur". Head: Thomas Strauch, Carsten Engelke, Walter Gödden , 2008
  • “Almost world wide” documentary - producer: pong Film GmbH, Berlin - director and screenplay: Caroline Kirberg. A documentary about the Fast Weltweit - Freundeskreis has been in production and editing since 2015. The film will u. a. funded by the Federal Minister for Culture and Media and has its German premiere at Unerhört! Music film festival in Hamburg.


  • Frank Werner: On the regional scene of alternative labels . In: Dieter Baacke (Ed.): Handbook of youth and music . Leske + Budrich, Opladen 1997, ISBN 3-8100-1543-1 .
  • Bernd Begemann, Michael Girke, Bernadette Hengst, Till Huber, Eckhard Schumacher, Frank Spilker: Stadt.Land.Pop: Pop music between the Westphalian provinces and the Hamburg school . Ed .: Moritz Baßler , Walter Gödden , Jochen Grywatsch , Christina Riesenweber. Aisthesis, Bielefeld 2008, ISBN 978-3-89528-708-4 .
  • Walter Gödden: Querbeet 3. 72 new literary explorations in Westphalia . Aisthesis, Bielefeld 2011, ISBN 978-3-89528-881-4 .

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