Emley Moor television tower

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Emley Moor television tower
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Basic data
Place: Yorkshire
Metropolitan Borough: Kirklees
Region: England
Country: United Kingdom
Altitude : 258  m ASL
Coordinates: 53 ° 36 ′ 43.3 "  N , 1 ° 39 ′ 52"  W.
Use: Television tower
Tower data
Construction time : 1969-1971
Building material : Steel , concrete
Total height : 330.5  m
Total mass : 15,000  t
Data on the transmission system
Further data
Floor space: 468 m²
Opening: April 21, 1971
Company floor: 275 m
Antenna height: 56 m
Position map
Emley Moor television tower (England)
Emley Moor television tower
Emley Moor television tower
Localization of England in United Kingdom

The Emley Moor television tower (formerly: NTL Tower ) is a 330.5 meter high television tower in Yorkshire . It is the second tallest structure in the country after the Belmont broadcaster and the tallest free-standing structure in the United Kingdom .


Debris from the steel mast that collapsed in 1969

Since the 1950s there have been transmitters at the location of the television tower on the plateau of the same name in Yorkshire , five kilometers southeast of Huddersfield . Since November 3, 1956, the first system transmitted VHF and television signals . A 135 meter high steel lattice tower was first used for this purpose, which was replaced in 1964 by a 385 meter high guyed tubular steel mast, the tallest structure in Europe at the time. On March 19, 1969, this mast collapsed as a result of heavy icing in a winter storm. The accident led to a total failure of radio and television programs for several million British people; People were not harmed. As a result, several relief measures had to be initiated in order to compensate for the failure of the transmitter. The broadcaster Holme Moss temporarily took over part of the broadcasting tasks. The BBC presented after two days on additional mobile antennas to the broadcast of the station BBC2 ensure. In addition, a 100,000- pound sterling cost was erected on a 204-meter-high transmission tower which went into operation on April 16. A few weeks later, a further temporary structure was built with a 91 meter high mast. Parts of the collapsed tubular steel mast have since served as a control tower in a yacht club near Huddersfield. To replace the collapsed mast and the subsequent makeshift arrangements, a reinforced concrete television tower was completed in 1971 and went into operation on April 21.


The 274.32 meter high concrete shaft tapers from 24.4 meters in diameter to about 6 meters and stands on a 6.1 meter deep ring foundation made of sandstone . The tower, which weighs more than 11,000 tonnes, looks like a slender chimney, as its relatively small tower cage is hardly noticeable at a height of 275 m. The tower cage has a diameter of only 6.5 meters with a wall thickness of 35 centimeters. The tower is closed off by a 56 meter high steel antenna. In 2002, the United Kingdom classified the Emley Moor television tower with level 2 of the so-called listed buildings , a list that lists architecturally or historically significant buildings and thus places them under monument protection .

Frequencies and Programs

Emley Moor television tower at night with safety lights .

The Emley Moor television tower broadcasts frequency-modulated (FM) analog radio stations and programs for digital radio. Until 2011 he also broadcast analogue and digital television.

Radio station frequency ERP
Capital Radio 105.1 16 kW
Heart radio 106.2 16 kW

Digital radio: BBC National, Digital One and MXR Yorkshire

TV transmitter (analog) channel polarization ERP
BBC1 44 H 870 kW
BBC2 51 H 870 kW
ITV1 47 H 870 kW
Ch4 41 H 870 kW
Five 37 H 870 kW
TV channels (digital) channel polarization ERP
Mux1 52 H 10 kW
Mux2 40 H 10 kW
MuxA 43 H 10 kW
MuxB 46 H 10 kW
MuxC 50 H 10 kW
MuxD 49 H 4 kW

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