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Law on the fishing license of April 19, 1939 (German Reich)
A Thuringian fishing license

The fishing license in Austria fishing license (or fishing permit, fishing card ), commonly known as a fishing license or fishing license , is a proof of personal expertise, which many legal systems which allow the fishing or (vocational) fishing addictive and usually with a passed fishing license is provided. Often groups of people with other qualifications, for example through a corresponding professional or university education, are excluded from the fishing examination.

If you are not the holder of a fishing license yourself , another legal requirement for fishing is a water license (fishing license, fishing permit) . This is a written permit to fish in a body of water issued by the holder of the fishing license for that body of water.


The regulation of requirements and procedures is the responsibility of the federal states, so it can be different.
Depending on the federal state, the fishing examination can be taken at the lower fishing authority or the state sport fishing association.
It is issued by the municipality , in Hamburg by the consumer protection office of the responsible district office and by most customer centers (residents' offices) of the district offices.

In 2002 there were 1.47 million fishing license holders in Germany.

State law peculiarities

Individual federal states (e.g. Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania , Brandenburg , Schleswig-Holstein ) have introduced tourist fishing licenses as a concession to tourism , which allow fishing without a fishing license with certain restrictions. For example, temporary tourist fishing licenses can be purchased for a fee, including by locals, or fishing is restricted to non-predatory fish . Criticism of the Federal Ministry of Consumers and the associations of this approach has so far remained without consequences, although fish, and thus vertebrates, can now also be killed by people without proven expertise. Even before the license was introduced in the summer of 2005, the state anglers' association announced that it would not take legal action against the new regulation.

At the border waters to Luxembourg ( Mosel , Sauer , Our ) there is still the possibility to fish without taking a fishing license. In the federal states of Baden-Wuerttemberg and Saxony, there are also exceptional regulations for fishing in managed facilities, which allow fishing without a fishing license.

In the fishing law, the state of Lower Saxony does not stipulate any fishing licenses (or other documents other than an identity card) for fishing activities. In the free (not leased) waters of Lower Saxony (coast and shipping routes such as the Elbe to Hamburg) everyone can fish without a license. In the case of leased bodies of water, only a fishing permit for the body of water must be proven.

In Bremen, residents of the city of legal age can obtain a stick fishing license from the authorities without an examination, but only for fishing

- in the Weser within the Bremen state borders

- in the little Weser

- in the Lesum upstream to the Burger road bridge

- as well as in the tide-dependent part of the Geeste

entitled. Water maps for other water bodies cannot be issued.


In Austria there is the actual fishing card and the fishing guest card , regulated differently at national level .

For the fishing permit (in Carinthia: annual fishing card , in Tyrol: name card , in Vorarlberg: fishing permit ), which guarantees a more permanent exercise, is usually issued for one year. Proof of legal, theoretical and practical knowledge must be provided (suitability for fishing) . This is done either through vocational training or instruction. This instruction usually takes the form of an examination (written fisherman's examination , in cards only instruction with confirmation) by the state fisheries associations , in Vienna by the Viennese fishery committee , in Tyrol by the local fishery district committees (instruction with confirmation); only in Burgenland no proof of suitability is required. The certificates of suitability are recognized throughout the other federal states. This instruction is usually unnecessary if you have already had a fishing license within a certain period of time (around three times within ten years in Carinthia).
Young people, who in principle have to be accompanied by a qualified supervisor, do not need a fishing permit under a certain age (between 10 and 14 years, depending on the federal state). Commercial fishermen and their agents need to fish in the relevant fishing area also consistently no fishing card.
In Vorarlberg, only the written permission of the manager of the fishing area is required within a two-week period. Some of the permits are issued directly by the fishing associations, but in some countries by the district administration (district authorities or magistrates).

The fishing guest card (in Tyrol: guest card ) is passed on to fishing guests by those authorized to practice fishing. Depending on the country, it applies on a daily basis (e.g. Salzburg), usually one or more weeks, to yearly (e.g. Tyrol); In Vorarlberg, the guest card is not applicable due to the two-week period. The guest must also generally be able to demonstrate suitability.

Countries without a fishing permit

In the majority of neighboring European countries, it is not necessary to have a fishing license to fish. Temporary fishing licenses are usually sold there without prior examination at local government offices, post offices or in tobacco shops. In Denmark they have been available on mobile phones since October 2011; Via GPS you can also see whether you are fishing in a permitted zone.

Youth fishing license

Youth fishing licenses are issued to children between the ages of 10 and 16 without proof of a fishing license. You are entitled to fish when accompanied by a person of legal age with a fishing license (§ 28 No. 1 Hessian Fisheries Act). In Bavaria the youth fishing license is issued up to the age of 18.


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