Francisco Chimoio

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Francisco Chimoio

Francisco Chimoio OFMCap (born December 6, 1947 in Búzi , Sofala , Mozambique ) is Archbishop of Maputo .


Chimoio entered the Capuchin order after finishing school. On December 9, 1979, he received the sacrament of ordination . Pope John Paul II appointed Francisco Chimoio Bishop of Pemba on December 5, 2000 . He was ordained bishop on February 25, 2001. On February 22, 2003, Pope John Paul II appointed him Archbishop of Maputo.


In September 2007, as part of the 33-year celebration of Mozambique's independence, he accused European states of deliberately delivering AIDS- infected condoms to Africa in order to promote the colonization of the continent. Chimoio says: "Condoms are not sure because I know that there are two countries in Europe, they are making condoms with the virus on purpose".

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Tomé Makhweliha SCI Bishop of Pemba
Ernesto Maguengue
Alexandre José Maria Cardinal dos Santos OFM Archbishop of Maputo
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