Fraunhofer Institute for Production Systems and Design Technology

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Fraunhofer Institute for
Production Systems and Design Technology
Fraunhofer Institute for Production Systems and Design Technology
Fraunhofer Institute for Production Systems and Design Technology
Category: research Institute
Carrier: Fraunhofer Society
Legal form of the carrier: Registered association
Seat of the wearer: Munich
Facility location: Berlin
Type of research: Applied research
Subjects: Engineering
Areas of expertise: Company management , virtual product development , production systems , automation technology , joining and coating technology
Basic funding: Federal government (90%), states (10%)
Management: Eckart Uhlmann
Employee: approx. 400 (as of 2018)

The Fraunhofer Institute for Production Systems and Design Technology (IPK) is a research facility of the Fraunhofer Society based in Berlin . The research topics concentrate on production-related issues. The institute was founded in 1976. Günter Spur was head of the IPK until 1997 , and Eckart Uhlmann has been his successor as head since then .

Research and Development

Fraunhofer IPK researches and develops along the entire production line. Scientists are therefore usually engineers, mechanical engineers or computer scientists.


The work is divided into the following six business areas:

Corporate management

This area works on the development and implementation of innovative concepts for the design of service creation processes in companies, management as well as the development of methods and software tools to support corporate planning and control. One focus is on the topic of knowledge management . This business area is headed by Holger Kohl.

Virtual product creation

The field of activity in this area concentrates on national and international companies in the automotive industry, machine and plant construction, rail vehicle and tool and mold construction, aerospace, the electrical and software industry and medical technology. This business area is headed by Rainer Stark.

Production systems

The Production Systems division works on the development, provision and optimization of production and manufacturing technologies as well as the necessary machine and control technology for the manufacture of innovative products. The new technological developments are tested in the extensively equipped test field of the PTZ. In addition to the most modern machine tools, a large number of measuring and analysis devices are available there. This business area is headed by Eckart Uhlmann.

Automation technology

Part of this area specializes in the field of automatic optical measuring and testing technology. As early as the 1980s, the first automatic optical testing device for automotive components was developed, which has proven itself in industrial use. In addition to the development of numerically efficient algorithms, the selection of suitable camera technology, lighting, handling and integration into existing automation systems is the subject of the field of activity. This business area is headed by Jörg Krüger.

Joining and coating technology

Expanding established machining processes, developing new methods for innovative materials and processes - that is what this area of ​​Fraunhofer IPK is all about. This business area is headed by Michael Rethmeier.

Traffic engineering

The focus of the traffic engineering department is the implementation of innovative distribution systems. Current projects include RouteCharge (exchangeable battery system for electrically powered commercial vehicles up to 40 t with trailer operation for goods transport) and urban distribution systems.

Competence centers

The Fraunhofer IPK operates a number of competence centers that provide information and the implementation of research results. The interdisciplinary exchange makes it possible to bundle competencies and develop specific solutions.


  • Demonstration Center AdvanCer
    In the demonstration center operated jointly with other Fraunhofer institutes, the Fraunhofer IPK oversees the field of processing ceramic materials as well as the development and use of components or tools made from high-performance ceramics.
  • Benchmarking information center
    This information center has set itself the task of providing advice and support not only to small, medium-sized and large companies, but also to public administration institutions in the planning and implementation of benchmarking activities.
  • Competence Center Knowledge Management
    This competence center supports companies in the conception and implementation of knowledge management . Fraunhofer IPK combines the skills and experience of psychologists, engineers, communication and economists in order to provide innovative, efficient and practical solutions for the systematic handling of knowledge.
  • Demonstration center for virtual product and production
    creation This demonstration center is used to provide advice on all questions relating to the integration of processes, methods and tools in development and production. Here, medium-sized companies have the opportunity to try out and verify the implementation of innovative concepts parallel to their ongoing operations.
  • PDM / PLM center
    In order to achieve the speed required today in the development of new products, reliable support structures are required that make relevant data and information available to developers in a standardized manner anytime and anywhere. It is important that the entire product life cycle is taken into account. The topics of product data management (PDM) and product life cycle management (PLM) are therefore more topical than ever. The competence center at the IPK develops technologies that make this possible. They also offer further training to become a "PLM Professional".


Fraunhofer IPK is a member of the Fraunhofer Group for Production.

In addition to industrial partners from key sectors such as mechanical and plant engineering, electrical engineering and the vehicle industry, there are also cooperations with service companies in the field of information technology and health care as well as with public institutions.

In the university sector, there is a cooperation agreement with the Institute for Machine Tools and Factory Management at the Technical University of Berlin . There is a cooperation with the Charité in the field of medical technology .

Well-known projects

Automated virtual reconstruction of the torn Stasi files

In the so-called Stasi-Schnipsel-Projekt , Fraunhofer IPK developed software that digitally reconstructs damaged and destroyed documents. In April 2007 the institute received a research contract from the procurement office of the Federal Ministry of the Interior (BMI) to develop a process and a pilot project with which torn documents from the Ministry for State Security of the former GDR can be reconstructed virtually. Scanned scraps of paper are sorted according to color, shape, texture and other characteristics using complex algorithms in image processing and pattern recognition and then put together.


WeiMa, a digital manual supports service technicians.


Around 370 people, including a large number of students, are employed.

The operating budget in the 2016 financial year was 19.8 million euros. About 30% of this came from the basic funding, 90% of which is financed from federal funds and 10% from state funds. Around 31% of the operating budget was income from contract research by the private sector, the remaining funds came from public and other income.

The Fraunhofer IPK has been headed by Eckart Uhlmann since 1997. He is also head of the Machine Tools and Manufacturing Technology department at the Institute for Machine Tools and Factory Management at the Technical University of Berlin .

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