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Friedrich Frank (born November 17, 1832 in Wirtheim , † August 24, 1904 in Würzburg ) was a Catholic clergyman and a member of the German Reichstag .


Frank attended the Bavarian grammar school and university in Würzburg , as well as the Lyceum in Aschaffenburg . He was the author of several Christian works and editor of the magazines Auf der Warte and Auf, zum Herz Jesu . He was pastor in Wiesen and hospital pastor in Königshofen . Frank received his doctorate in theology in 1877 .

From 1875 to 1899 he was a member of the Bavarian Chamber of Deputies, first for the Patriot Party and from 1887 for the center for the constituencies of Aschaffenburg and Lohr . Between 1877 and 1878 he was a member of the German Reichstag for the constituency Upper Franconia 4 ( Kronach ) and the center .

Hermann Greive describes Frank as the protagonist of a more impartial relationship between Catholics and Judaism. Frank also publicly opposed the anti-Semitic propaganda of ritual murders committed by Jews and Christians. However, Frank shares the theological rejection of the Jews as a people. The Jews appear as parasites as punishment for the death of God, Frank uses the symbol of the "creeper", Jews are currently and historically criticized as economic subjects because of their "usury"; at the same time he says that Christians also proliferate and that the Talmud forbids excessive profits. Frank is against special laws against Jews. A devout Catholic must not be an anti-Semite.


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