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Biebergemünd municipality
Coordinates: 50 ° 13 ′ 21 ″  N , 9 ° 15 ′ 46 ″  E
Height : 135 m
Area : 10.01 km²
Residents : 2013
Population density : 201 inhabitants / km²
Incorporation : September 1, 1970
Postal code : 63599
Area code : 06050

Wirtheim is a district of the municipality of Biebergemünd in the Main-Kinzig district in Hesse .

Wirtheim Palace , courtyard side.
Catholic parish church of St. Peter and Paul in Wirtheim

Wirtheim is located in the Spessart Nature Park, right at the confluence of the Bieber in the Kinzig. The federal road 276 , the German Alps – Baltic Sea holiday route , runs past the town to the east, and the state road 3333 (the former federal road 40 ) to the north . The state road 3333 and the district road 908 meet in the village .

The ICE railway line of the Kinzigtalbahn from Hanau to Fulda, which runs parallel to the state road 3333 to the north, the Kinzig and the federal highway 66 separate Neu-Wirtheim from Wirtheim.


middle Ages

The oldest surviving documentary mention of Wirtheim dates from 976, when Otto II gave the communities of Wirtheim, Kassel and Höchst to the St. Peter and Alexander monastery in Aschaffenburg . From 1262 the influence of the Archdiocese of Mainz increased that in 1313 it gained full jurisdiction. From 1361 court was officially held in the place. In the following time, Wirtheim began to become more and more wealthy after he was granted city rights in 1366 and thus the right to build the wall as well as market and customs rights. The spelling of the place name changed from Wertheim (976) via Weirtheim (1184) to today's Wirtheim (1362).

In 1426 the Wirtheim Castle was mentioned for the first time as the Electoral Mainz official residence, with which the Forstmeister von Gelnhausen family was enfeoffed . From 1428 to 1566 Wirtheim was to the counts of Hanau (from 1456: Hanau-Münzenberg ) pledged .

Modern times

Until the Thirty Years War , Wirtheim was characterized by growth and economic prosperity. This changed in 1634 when imperial troops occupied the place and brought in the plague .

In 1632 it was occupied by the Swedes. King Gustav Adolf of Sweden gave Wirtheim to the County of Hanau, which Wirtheim returned to Mainz in 1649. Another pledge from 1665 to 1721 Wirtheim came to the Principality of Aschaffenburg in 1803, to the Duchy of Frankfurt in 1810 , and Wirtheim became Prussian in 1866.

On May 1, 1867, Wirtheim was connected to the Kinzig Valley Railway with a train station (today: Haltpunkt ) when it was opened in this section. The received station building dates from 1893. To promote ore mining in the Biebertal, the narrow-gauge Spessart Railway was put into operation in 1885 . It ran from Gelnhausen station parallel to the state railway to Wirtheim and from there to Lochborn . In 1951 it ceased operations. Part of the railway line has been preserved as a hiking and cycling path.

The name Neu-Wirtheim appeared for the first time around 1900 . Despite its independent character and its own town sign, it is officially not a separate district. Neu-Wirtheim has developed into a purely residential area between the railway and the federal highway. Later it spread further and further north on the slopes of the Kinzig valley.

Shortly after the Kassel district, Wirtheim also received a hydroelectric power station in 1912 for generating electricity. In 1963 the sewer system was built.

In the course of administrative reform in Hesse on 1 September 1970, the previously independent municipalities Kassel and Wirtheim were merged to Biebergemuend together .

The area of ​​the former municipality of Wirtheim was 10.01 km².

Population development

The population figures developed as follows: (Wirtheim + Neuwirtheim)

  • 1895: 0659 inhabitants
  • 1939: 0936 inhabitants
  • 1961: 1,422 inhabitants
  • 1970: 1,630 inhabitants
  • 2011: 1,390 inhabitants (only Wirtheim)
  • 2012: 1,911 inhabitants
  • 2019: 2,013 inhabitants

Cultural monuments

See: List of cultural monuments in Wirtheim


  • Angel Club Wirtheim eV
  • 1. Wirtheimer Dartverein 1985 eV
  • Wirtheim volunteer fire department
  • Singing Association "Unity" 1987 Wirtheim eV
  • KAB St. Peter and Paul Wirtheim
  • Church choir Cäcilia Wirtheim
  • SSG Biebergemünd 1969 eV
  • TSV 09 Wirtheim eV
  • VdK Wirtheim

Regular events

  • Parish carnival
  • Father's Day BBQ
  • Whitsun tournament
  • Parish festival
  • Tent notch

Individual evidence

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