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Friedrich Heinrich von Boetticher (* June 11 . Jul / 23. June  1826 greg. In Riga ; †  12. February 1902 in Dresden ) was a German book publisher , a private scholar and art historian .

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Friedrich von Boetticher was born the tenth of 17 children of the merchant and landlord Carl von Boetticher (1782-1859) and Emilie Wippert (1794-1855). After attending high school in Riga , he studied philology and later law in Dorpat from 1846–1849 . In 1849 he was trained as a farmer in the Brösa institution near Bautzen of his later brother-in-law Ernst Theodor Stöckhardt , where in 1850 he married the pastor's daughter Eugenie Mitschke (1825-1858). In the same year he acquired the Zschillichau manor and managed it until 1853. After the sale, he worked as his father's manager in Riga. In 1854 he left the city, moved to Saxony and bought a publishing bookstore in Dresden , which later became an art dealer. In 1859 he became a Saxon citizen and, after the early death of his first wife, married the daughter of Major General Carl Johann von Friede , Alexandra von Friede (1822–1908).

As a result of his long-term art-historical studies, his life's work “Painters' Works of the Nineteenth Century, Contribution to Art History” appeared in 2 volumes in which approx. 50,000 pictures by German painters and painters working in Germany are listed for the first time, some of them unique today. The book is therefore still used as standard evidence at art auctions.

Friedrich von Boetticher is the father of the doctor and genealogist Walter von Boetticher , brother of the mayor of Riga Emil von Boetticher , through his eldest daughter Maria (* 1851) father-in-law of the Weimar Mayor Karl Pabst and through his daughter Eugenie (* 1858) father-in-law of the composer Franz Curti . He died in Dresden in 1902 and was buried in the Old Annenfriedhof .


  • Nineteenth Century Paintings, Contribution to Art History . 2 volumes, Dresden 1891–1898, digitized: Volume 1 , Volume 2
  • In memory of Friedrich von Boetticher - poems , edited by Alexandra von Boetticher, Dresden, February 1902
  • Christmas greetings from Friedrich von Boetticher - poems , edited by Alexandra von Boetticher, Dresden, December 1902

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