Fritz Fröhlich (politician)

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Fritz Fröhlich

Fritz Fröhlich (born April 5, 1887 in Groß Bartensleben , † November 16, 1962 in Ahnsen ) was a German farmer and politician ( NSDAP ).

Live and act

After attending grammar school , Fröhlich did military service as a one-year volunteer ; then he worked as an agricultural officer. In 1913 he settled as an independent farmer in Ahnsen (Vollhöfner). From 1914 to 1918 he took part in the First World War, in which, according to the Reichstag Handbuch, he was awarded the Iron Cross of both classes and wounded became a prisoner of war.

In 1926 Fröhlich joined the NSDAP. According to the Reichstag handbook, he was a member of the SA . In the party he took over tasks as district leader and district inspector from 1933 . In addition, he sat as a member of the district council from 1929 and was district deputy from 1933.

From 1932 until the dissolution of this body in autumn 1933 Fröhlich was a member of the Prussian state parliament . He then sat from November 1933 as a representative of constituency 15 ( Gau Ost-Hannover ) as a member of the National Socialist Reichstag . On July 16, 1937, he resigned from the Reichstag; Curt Wiebel moved up for him .


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