Fuzzy, keep your ears up!

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German title Fuzzy, keep your ears up!
Original title Tequila!
Country of production Italy , Spain
original language Italian
Publishing year 1973
length 87 (German v. 84) minutes
Age rating FSK 12
Director Tulio Demicheli
script Miguel Iglesias Bonn's
Enrique Josa
Nino Stresa
production Salvatore Alabiso
music Lallo Gori
camera Guglielmo Mancori
cut Gaby Peñalba

Fuzzy, keep your ears up! (Original title: Tequila! ) Is the title of a fun spaghetti western that Tulio Demicheli staged in an Italian-Spanish co-production in 1973. The German-language premiere of the film was on August 16, 1974 in a slightly shortened version.


Fuzzy (originally Giaguaro), an old killer who has never fired a shot in his life, discovers a wanted poster with the advertisement of a large sum for the death of Tequila. After a failed attempt to bring him around the corner, he unceremoniously makes common cause with him. Together they arrive in Chedron, where they want to rob the bank in which the wealthy landowner DeCoven has frozen the funds with whose help he wants to bring the ranchers of the area around their mostly mortgage-laden land. One of them fools, cleverly (sometimes with the revolver in the roast chicken) the other ensures order.


Both the German and the Italian critics were not particularly convinced by the comedy of the material: "Slack spaghetti westerns who try to achieve a parodic note with absurd jokes and strenuous comedy," said the lexicon of international films , Francesco Mininni saw one excellent westerns, if he had treated his material seriously, "but as it is, the imitation of the Trinità films is overly clear and insufficient". The colleagues from TV Radiocorriere saw “no artistic merits” in the Italian-Spanish western, because it was aimed at the taste of a less demanding audience.


Anthony Steffen will be spoken by Klaus Kindler , Eduardo Fajardo by Klaus Miedel .


The Spanish title is Un, dos, tres… dispara otra vez .

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