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The Galtera near Freiburg

The Galtera near Freiburg

Water code CH : 1548
location Canton of Friborg ; Switzerland
River system Rhine
Drain over Saane  → Aare  → Rhine  → North Sea
Headwaters in the foothills of the Alps near Oberschrot , on the slope of the Oberholz
46 ° 44 ′ 49 ″  N , 7 ° 15 ′ 38 ″  E
Source height approx.  1000  m above sea level M.
muzzle opposite the old town of Freiburg in the Saane Coordinates: 46 ° 48 ′ 17 ″  N , 7 ° 10 ′ 8 ″  E ; CH1903:  579 409  /  183 765 46 ° 48 '17 "  N , 7 ° 10' 8"  O
Mouth height 535  m above sea level M.
Height difference approx. 465 m
Bottom slope approx. 27 ‰
length approx. 17 km

The Galtera , partly also Galternbach , called Gottéron in French , is an approximately 17 km long right tributary of the Saane ( Sarine in French ) in the Swiss canton of Friborg . It drains a section of the higher Freiburg Central Plateau and belongs to the catchment area of ​​the Rhine .


The headwaters of the Galtera are located at around 1000  m above sea level. M. in the foothills of the Alps on the municipality of Plaffeien , on the slope of the Oberholz (district Oberschrot ). As a small trickle, the stream initially flows north and reaches a wide valley basin south of Alterswil . Here the Galtera draws an arc and turns to the west. At Alterswil it gradually begins to deepen into the surroundings, but for the time being it still has a 100 to 200 m wide flat valley floor in which it moves with many short meanders .

At Ameismühle south of Tafers the Galtera joins the Tasbergbach coming from the south , its most important tributary . Then it flows through the Galterengraben , a 3 km long gorge cut up to 100 m into the surrounding high plateaus, the flanks of which are formed by steep slopes with sandstone cliffs . Shortly before it flows into the Saane, the Gottéron Bridge spans the Galtera valley. At 535  m above sea level M. the Galtera flows into the Saane opposite the old town of Freiburg . In the middle and lower reaches the brook has a mean gradient of 2%.

Mouth of the Galtera (left) into the Saane

Large sections of the Galtera are still in their natural or near-natural state. The Galtera is characterized by a pluvial runoff regime . In the past, their water power was used in various places to operate mills and sawmills. At the confluence of the Galtera with the Saane , the city of Freiburg built a bridgehead in the Middle Ages . Walks, mills, saws, hammer and grinding mills settled along the lowest section of the river, so that this quarter developed into a real industrial zone of what was then Freiburg.

The Galtern Gorge, through which a hiking trail leads today, is worth visiting. The Friborg-Gottéron ice hockey club is named after the French name of the river.

Galtera in the area of ​​the Galterengraben

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